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30 Jan 2014


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Travelling within Europe is not always easy, according to research published today by ANEC. In our survey of almost 6000 consumers, more than a quarter reported having problems when using cross-border tourism services within Europe. Car rental was seen as the most problematic area with almost one-quarter of users reporting a negative experience. People travelling by plane and train, and going on package holidays, also experienced a high level of problems, despite EU regulation in these areas[1].


European policy aims to boost tourism, harmonise services and make travel easier within Europe. But ANEC’s study shows that this is not working well in practice.


The purpose of ANEC’s research was to gain a better understanding of consumer experiences when travelling cross-border in Europe. The full report reveals the services and booking methods used by consumers. It also gives detailed information about the nature of problems experienced, and complaints made, by respondents.


Stephen Russell, ANEC Secretary-General, commented, “European consumers need better protection in the areas of price comparison sites, consumer review sites and car rental. There is also real need for consumers to be given clearer information about their rights, where to go for advice and how to achieve effective resolution of complaints”.


The aim of the report is to help consumer & public interest organisations, and public authorities, address issues that are most relevant to consumers. The results of this project will help ANEC seek the development of appropriate standards at European level. They will also provide insight that will be useful when assessing consumer policy, and liaising with other consumer and public interest organisations in Europe.


The full report can be accessed on the ANEC Website.



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[1] The Package Travel Directive and Air Passenger Rights Regulation are presently under review.



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