Post 2020: The Advanced Biofuels Sector Calls for a clear Mandate


17 Jan 2014


EU Priorities 2020
The advanced biofuel sector is committed to heavily invest in Europe, create jobs and bring significant environmental benefits, if regulation enables

Press release

Dear Commissioner,


We write to you because we are deeply concerned about the future for advanced biofuels in Europe.

We understand that the Commission is about to publish a White Paper on European Energy & Climate policy up to 2030. We have also understood that that the Commission will turn its back to the existing policy framework merely 4 years after its adoption and only propose one overarching greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target. After 2020 no new targets for renewables would be set.

If this scenario materialized Europe would deprive itself of new investments and jobs in advanced biofuels for which a long term, stable policy framework is a prerequisite. Europe should therefore set a dedicated and binding sub-target for advanced biofuels. This binding target should be combined with ambitious GHG emissions requirements to ensure that future growth in the EU biofuels market comes from the best performing biofuels. 

If Europe does not manage to give these clear and long-term signals, investments in advanced biofuels will move to other regions outside of Europe where framework conditions are more favourable. EU Member States will lose precious opportunities for creating new jobs, promoting EU-based industrial development in a very innovative field, and creating supplementary value especially in rural areas and agriculture, in addition to reducing EU greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe that this contradicts the many ambitions and European policies that aim to promote job creation through the deployment of sustainable innovative EU technologies and to harvest the fruits of both public and private significant investments in R&D.

As EU industries and investors, we call upon you to send us a clear signal that Europe wishes to see sustainable advanced biofuels as part of the transport fuel mix now and up to 2030.


Kind regards,


Prof. Dr. André Koltermann

LSB Chair

Senior Vice President / Biotech & Renewables Center (Clariant)

The Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels

The LSB is a group composed by the Chief Executive Officers of  Leading European biofuel producers and European airlines. The initiative aims at supporting the development of second generation biofuels in Europe. The leaders of Clariant, British Airways, Biochemtex, BTG, Chemrec, Dong Energy, Forest BtL Oy, St1 Biofuels Oy and UPM and are joining forces to ensure the market uptake of advanced sustainable biofuels by all transport sectors.




Technical Secretariat

David Chiaramonti

RE-CORD, c/o Industrial Engineering Department, Viale Morgagni 40, 50134 Florence ITALY


Management and Communication

Angela Grassi

ETA-Florence Renewable Energies, Via A. Giacomini 28, 50132 Florence ITALY