Event Report: "The 2014 European elections will be about ‘spenderity’ versus ‘reformity’"


19 Dec 2013


EU Elections 2014
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Press release

On 12 November, the Centre for European Studies (CES) organised a conference entitled From Reform to Growth, to discuss the importance of implementing economic reforms in order to create competitive economies and achieving lasting growth in the EU. 
To read the report about this event, please go to our website and click on "Event Report". 
Quotes from our speakers: 
Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn: ‘We want the state not to constrain people’s lives, but to create the space to take individual choices.’
Sidonia Jedrzejewska MEP: ‘We need to foster a risk culture in Europe. For example, in the United States scientists and businesses keep experimenting with alternatives to animal testing. In Europe, we keep insisting on the use of live animals.’ 
Former Portuguese Minister for the Economy, Álvaro Santos Pereira: ‘The Portuguese government has implemented the biggest reform programme in decades. As a result since 2009, the increase in Portuguese exports has been the second highest in the EU.’
Gunnar Hökmark MEP: ‘In May 2014, the European election will be fought for the first time on a distinctive party political issue. The next European election will be on ‘spenderity’ versus ‘reformity’.’ 
EPP Secretary General and CES Secretary Treasurer, Antonio López-Istúriz: ‘Reforms conducted by the centre-right have saved the European project and the euro.’