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10 Dec 2013


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On the occasion of the World Human Rights Day, Caritas Europa calls on the EU and its Member States to consider food as basic Human Rights.

Press release

Caritas Europa reiterates the importance of considering Food as basic Human Rights, granted to everyone and affordable in every single community and society. Hence, Caritas Europa calls on the EU and its Member States to implement a coherent and holistic approach to development so that all people have access to adequate food.

To Caritas, dying of hunger in a world of plenty is a scandal. While 870 million people are currently denied their right to adequate food – and a third of all food production lost or wasted – only profound reforms and a shift towards sustainable food systems will enable us to end hunger by 2025 and feed 9.6 billion by 2050.

Food consumption and food waste must be tackled. Small farmers should be supported as the real engine of local markets and the most resilient actors in poor countries and situations.

Global Campaign: One Human Family – Food for All

On 10th December 2013, 164 Caritas organisations around the globe will launch the campaign ‘One Human Family – Food for All’, with the goal to end hunger by 2025. In order to achieve that, a strong commitment is needed in post-2015 framework.

By contributing to Caritas Internationalis’ campaign, Caritas Europa and its 49 member organisations in 46 European countries, firmly call on the need to consider food as basic human rights. Caritas Europa believes that only by adopting a genuinely coherent, accountable, and across-the-board right to food and Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) to ensuring global food security, can the EU assume the global leadership and legitimacy urgently required to end hunger by 2025.

The campaign will be launched in every single country at 12:00 local time, following with a wave of prayer which covers all the time zones at different moments.

In a video statement to launch the campaign, Pope Francis said:

We are in front of a global scandal of around one billion – one billion people who still suffer from hunger today. We cannot look the other way and pretend this does not exist. The food available in the world is enough to feed everyone.” Read it here or watch it here.


To the Editor: Background information:

Caritas Europa is a network of 49 Caritas organisations working on the ground in 46 European countries, as well as in developing countries across the globe. They address the challenges being faced by those who are vulnerable on a daily basis. Caritas organisations are present and active in every country in Europe, with well-developed national and local structures directed at assisting the poor.

Caritas Europa has a heartfelt commitment to analyse and fight poverty and social exclusion; and to promote true integral human development, social justice and sustainable social systems in Europe and throughout the world.

  • The food in the world is enough to feed everyone and yet almost one billion people (842 million – to be exact) people are hungry. This is a global scandal.
  • Caritas envisages a future without hunger. The key to achieving this is through assuring and implementing the right to adequate and nutritious food which is recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • As one confederation (164 organisations globally) Caritas will work together to end hunger by 2025.
  • The first Millennium Development Goal is to eliminate hunger and poverty. The Caritas confederation wants to put its collective power and good will, and join with many other organisations to contribute to the post-2015 Development Process and bring an end to the suffering of millions of hungry people around the world.
  • The campaign ‘One Human Family – Food for all’ is about food because it is essential to living a dignified life. The campaign is launched on 10th December, Human Rights Day, because the campaign is based around the ‘Right to Food’.


Resolution at Caritas Europa’s Regional Conference 2013:


“Hunger and malnutrition are the most cruel and concrete manifestations of poverty. Therefore, Caritas Europa calls on the European Union to champion adequate food for all as the top goal in the future Development Framework. Caritas Europa Regional Conference urges the European Union, its institutions and Member States, to ensure any future development framework makes a world without hunger a reality.“We encourage a paradigm shift in which human dignity and integral human development, within environmental boundaries, will enable the poorest and most deprived and marginalized to participate in caring societies and live in equitable and sustainable economies.“Caritas Europa urges all European States to fulfill its role and responsibility in combating poverty and marginalization in a changing world.”


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