Croatian same-sex marriage ban - who is next?


03 Dec 2013


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Press release

Expressing deep disappointment with the result of yesterday's referendum in Croatia on same-sex marriage, Croatian GUE/NGL MEP Nikola Vuljanić said it was a "dangerous move" to enshrine discrimination in a constitution.

"After war, nothing has divided Croatia like this referendum. The campaign has been very aggressive and manipulative on both sides and was concentrated on the moral side of the issue. I am disappointed with the results of the referendum because I deeply believe that discrimination should not be enshrined in a constitution," he said.

The result backed a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

"Human rights are not a matter to be decided upon in such a way. They should be improved, not reduced. It is too dangerous a move, and the only sensible question is - what is next? Or, put better - who is next?"


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