Celebrating 25 years of the Single Market


22 Mar 2018 18:00


Bibliothèque Solvay
Rue Belliard 137
B-1040  Brussels


Agriculture & Food
Trade & Society

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This year, the Single Market turns 25

and we’re hosting a celebration in its honour!

Quality and diversity are at the heart of our European food and drink culture. Whether it’s Mediterranean olives, Nordic spirits, Alpine cheeses or cured meat from the Baltics, these days we can take a trip across the continent simply by visiting our local grocery store.

No matter where we are, the Single Market gives us all of Europe's culinary diversity at our fingertips, right inside our own kitchen. So it’s time to celebrate the incredible choice and deliciousness of the food and drink products we have in our pantries.

Join us on 22 March, where we’ll be paying tribute to the food and drink that brings our continent together and makes it feel like home, no matter where we are.

Where: Bibliothèque Solvay (Parc Leopold, Brussels)
When: 22 March 2018, 18.00 - 21.00