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Medicines for Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

Crucial European Parliament vote vastly improves SPC manufacturing waiver Medicines for Europe 24 Jan 2019 Health & Consumers
Decisive action on medicines shortages should be included in pharmaceutical and industrial strategies Medicines for Europe 18 Sep 2020 Health & Consumers
Driving local excellence, delivering European results Medicines for Europe 06 Nov 2018 Health & Consumers
EBA and Medicines for Europe signed a memorandum of agreement to accelerate Ukraine's integration into the EU pharmaceutical market Medicines for Europe 22 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
Efficient use of pharmacovigilance data essential for patient safety Medicines for Europe 30 Jan 2019 Health & Consumers
Electronic product information: new report shows it is time to move from principles to action Medicines for Europe 25 Feb 2022 Health & Consumers
EMA clarifies no scientific evidence to deter use of ibuprofen to manage coronavirus symptoms Medicines for Europe 18 Mar 2020 Health & Consumers
EMA/HMA share definitive EU-wide position on biosimilar medicines interchangeability Medicines for Europe 20 Sep 2022 Health & Consumers
Energy Council (TTE) – Medicines for Europe Open letter to European Energy Ministers and responsible European Commissioners on inflation and energy costs impacting the supply of essential generic medicines Medicines for Europe 28 Sep 2022 Health & Consumers
EU can do more for equitable access to medicines Medicines for Europe 13 Jan 2023 Health & Consumers
EU can do more for patients with smart use of biosimilar medicines Medicines for Europe 29 Apr 2022 Health & Consumers
EU digital strategy requires investments in the digitalisation of Europe’s medicines regulatory agencies to succeed Medicines for Europe 15 Jan 2021 Health & Consumers
EU industrial policy can dramatically improve medicines manufacturing resilience and security of supply Medicines for Europe 17 Mar 2021 Health & Consumers
EU Industrial strategy should be key to improving medicines supply chains Medicines for Europe 17 May 2021 Health & Consumers
EU manufacturers call for urgent reforms to achieve reciprocity and a level-playing field in public procurement Medicines for Europe 30 Sep 2019 Health & Consumers
EU must address barriers to continuous off-patent innovation and grasp opportunity for patients and healthcare Medicines for Europe 23 Feb 2021 Health & Consumers
EU must bolster biosimilar medicines policy to increase equity of access and bring much needed savings to healthcare budgets Medicines for Europe 25 May 2023 Health & Consumers
EU must learn from Covid-19 to improve crisis preparedness and response for the future Medicines for Europe 09 Nov 2021 Health & Consumers
EU must take the lead to ensure security of supply for medicines Medicines for Europe 16 Jun 2021 Health & Consumers
EU pharma strategy success depends on access to generic, biosimilar and value added medicines Medicines for Europe 25 Nov 2020 Health & Consumers
EU Pharmaceutical Strategy Roadmap: high time to improve patient access to medicines and to apply the lessons from COVID-19 Medicines for Europe 04 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
EU Semester Country Specific Recommendations: Improve patient access to medicine and ensure healthcare sustainability Medicines for Europe 24 May 2018 Health & Consumers
EU Semester Country Specific Recommendations: More Efficient Medicine Policies Needed for Patient Access Medicines for Europe 23 May 2017 Health & Consumers
European Commission launches: “What I need to know about Biosimilar Medicines - Information for patients”, in 23 EU languages Medicines for Europe 29 Nov 2017 Health & Consumers
European Commission pilot project on repurposing brings value added innovation to life Medicines for Europe 28 Oct 2021 Health & Consumers
European Health Union – first step to greater EU solidarity in health crisis situations Medicines for Europe 11 Nov 2020 Health & Consumers
European Organisation for Specialised Nurses (ESNO) launches switch management guide between similar biological medicines - a guide for nurses Medicines for Europe 26 Jun 2018 Health & Consumers
European Parliament lends its support to a fair cost-based approach on EMA fees Medicines for Europe 30 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
European Parliament report calls for increased use of off-patent medicines to improve patient access Medicines for Europe 25 Nov 2021 Health & Consumers
European patients need improved access to biosimilar medicines Medicines for Europe 22 Apr 2021 Health & Consumers