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Medicines for Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

Medicines for Europe joins the Antimicrobial (AMR) One Health Network Medicines for Europe 09 May 2023 Health & Consumers
EU must bolster biosimilar medicines policy to increase equity of access and bring much needed savings to healthcare budgets Medicines for Europe 25 May 2023 Health & Consumers
Access to medicines and security of supply should be central to EU pharma and IP legislation reforms in Europe Medicines for Europe 13 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
Off-patent medicines ready to drive pharma policy reform for equitable access, availability and security of medicines supply Medicines for Europe 15 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
EBA and Medicines for Europe signed a memorandum of agreement to accelerate Ukraine's integration into the EU pharmaceutical market Medicines for Europe 22 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
Generic medicine pricing reforms needed in Slovakia to ensure supply for patients Medicines for Europe 23 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
European Parliament lends its support to a fair cost-based approach on EMA fees Medicines for Europe 30 Jun 2023 Health & Consumers
A streamlined, digital regulatory framework is the foundation for equitable access to medicines Medicines for Europe 27 Sep 2023 Health & Consumers
Time for the EU to take steps: a medicines security act is needed for health security Medicines for Europe 02 Oct 2023 Health & Consumers
A step forward for the secure supply of medicines and manufacturing and for public health Medicines for Europe 25 Oct 2023 Health & Consumers
Now or never: Europe must seize the Pharma Legislation opportunity to ensure patient access to continuous innovation for existing medicines Medicines for Europe 07 Nov 2023 Health & Consumers