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MCC Brussels

Press Releases of this organisation

New Forum Launched to Shake up European Debate and Discussion MCC Brussels 01 Nov 2022 Global Europe
A Culture of Fear and Anxiety Haunts Europe MCC Brussels 14 Nov 2022 Global Europe
Leading European writers gather today for landmark conference not afraid to ask hard questions or come up with uncomfortable answers MCC Brussels 15 Nov 2022 Global Europe
Leave those Kids alone. MCC Brussels 22 Nov 2022 Global Europe
How to Manufacture Discrimination in the EU MCC Brussels 24 Nov 2022 Social Europe & Jobs
The European Union and the Quest for Digital Sovereignty MCC Brussels 08 Dec 2022 Global Europe
Something is Rotten in the Heart Of Brussels MCC Brussels 12 Dec 2022 Global Europe
A Dangerous Game in the EU Bubble MCC Brussels 04 Jan 2023 Global Europe
Using security concerns to overrule smaller states MCC Brussels 17 Jan 2023 Justice & Home Affairs
On the 30th Anniversary of The European Single Market MCC Brussels 18 Jan 2023 Global Europe
The EU-Ukraine summit: the EU prays Ukraine will give purpose to its directionless security policies MCC Brussels 02 Feb 2023 Global Europe
Back to the Future and the Return of Geopolitics MCC Brussels 27 Feb 2023 Global Europe
After a Year of the War in Ukraine: Is Europe Ready for A Changing World Order? MCC Brussels 06 Mar 2023 Global Europe
IS THE FOX GUARDING THE HENHOUSE? MCC Brussels 07 Mar 2023 Global Europe
Court of Justice Action against Hungary for breach of fundamental values mounts as think tank MCC Brussels condemns the move as “an intolerant violation of the norms of democracy and freedom”. MCC Brussels 13 Mar 2023 Global Europe
Qatargate: Why no Action? What is Behind the EU Corruption Scandal? MCC Brussels 27 Mar 2023 Global Europe
Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga to address Hungarian LGBTQ education law at MCC Brussels’ event MCC Brussels 18 Apr 2023 InfoSociety
New report blasts European Union’s energy policy as opaque, confusing, and confused; warns against EU Commission’s climate alarmism. MCC Brussels 22 May 2023 Energy
Response to Today's Hungarian European Parliament Resolution - A Constitutional Coup by MCC Brussels MCC Brussels 01 Jun 2023 Global Europe