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Hydrogen Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

Commission reaffirms commitment to H2 with major announcements Hydrogen Europe 21 Nov 2023 Sustainable Dev.
Hydrogen Europe Board Elects New Chair Hydrogen Europe 28 Apr 2023 Energy
Agreement reached on AFIR Hydrogen Europe 28 Mar 2023 Energy
Hydrogen is a key pillar of Green Deal Industrial Plan Hydrogen Europe 02 Feb 2023 Energy
Electrolyser Partnership A catalyst for advancing EU industrial leadership, creating sustainable value chains and jobs Hydrogen Europe 17 Jun 2022 Energy
Delegated acts to decide the role of renewable hydrogen in decreasing dependency on fossil fuels Hydrogen Europe 24 May 2022 Energy
The renewable hydrogen industry switches gear to deliver the REPowerEU targets Hydrogen Europe 19 May 2022 Energy
Delivering REPowerEU through a strong European hydrogen industry Hydrogen Europe 17 May 2022 Energy
Steel from Solar Energy A Techno-Economic Assessment of Green Steel Manufacturing Hydrogen Europe 12 May 2022 Energy
European Commission and the electrolyser manufacturers join forces to build a home for renewable hydrogen in Europe Hydrogen Europe 10 May 2022 Euro & Finance
Jorgo Chatzimarkakis awarded Hydrogen “Person of the Year” Hydrogen Europe 10 May 2022 Energy
Hydrogen Europe Joins African Hydrogen Partnership as Europe Looks to African Energy Hydrogen Europe 04 May 2022 Energy
IRU, ACEA, T&E and Hydrogen Europe call for more ambitious EU alternative fuels infrastructure Hydrogen Europe 04 May 2022 Energy
Ambitious binding targets for hydrogen refuelling infrastructure are central to climate action Hydrogen Europe 28 Apr 2022 Climate & Environment
Hydrogen Accelerator must replace, repurpose and reinvest Hydrogen Europe 08 Mar 2022 Energy
The Golden Age of Clean Hydrogen has started Hydrogen Europe 16 Dec 2021 Energy
Open Industry Letter: Delegated Act on Additionality Should Encourage Renewable Hydrogen Deployment, Not Hamper It Hydrogen Europe 08 Dec 2021 Energy
More support for electrolyser projects needed if the EU wants to build a competitive clean energy industry Hydrogen Europe 08 Nov 2021 Energy
The Clean Hydrogen Monitor 2021 is here! Hydrogen Europe 20 Oct 2021 Energy
Hydrogen Europe and EU Hydrogen Valleys strengthen cooperation to foster European hydrogen deployment Hydrogen Europe 13 Oct 2021 Energy
Hydrogen Europe appoints Jorgo Chatzimarkakis Chief Executive Officer Hydrogen Europe 25 Aug 2021 Energy
Fit for 55: The Time for Hydrogen is Now Hydrogen Europe 14 Jul 2021 Climate & Environment
#H2eroNetZero Hydrogen Europe 05 Jul 2021 Energy
#H2eroNetZero Hydrogen Europe's latest paper: Different Energy Carriers Require Separate Systems of Guarantees of Origin Hydrogen Europe 01 Jul 2021 Energy
Joint call on enabling market traction for renewable hydrogen Hydrogen Europe 29 Jun 2021 Climate & Environment
#H2eroNetZero Hydrogen Europe 28 Jun 2021 Climate & Environment
Hydrogen Europe announces new President and Board members Hydrogen Europe 24 Jun 2021 InfoSociety
A workable approach to additionality, geographic and temporal correlation is key to the achievement of the EU Hydrogen Strategy Hydrogen Europe 15 Jun 2021 Energy
ENTSOG, GIE and Hydrogen Europe publish: “How to transport and store hydrogen? Facts and figures” Hydrogen Europe 27 May 2021 Energy