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Huawei Outlines Vision for Green e-Cities of the Future HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 17 Oct 2012 Climate & Environment, Energy, Innovation & Enterprise, Transport
Huawei Becomes SAP’s First Chinese Global Technology Partner HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 20 Aug 2012 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Huawei Launches Apps Insider Solution to Automatically Analyze Mobile Applications HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 20 Aug 2012 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Huawei Announces Breakthrough on LTE to GSM ANR Interoperability Test HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 26 Jul 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
Huawei Releases 2012 H1 Results; Sales Revenue of CNY102.7 Billion HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 25 Jul 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
Huawei Device Partners Eurosport for the Broadcast of this Summer’s Biggest Sporting Events HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 20 Jul 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
Huawei Cloud Storage Passed the Performance Tests of CERN HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 11 Jul 2012 InfoSociety
Huawei Launches Public Cloud Solution and Innovation Center at CommunicAsia 2012 HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 28 Jun 2012 InfoSociety
Huawei receives Green Technology Award at the CommunicAsia 2012 HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 27 Jun 2012 InfoSociety
Huawei and Intel Collaborate on LTE TDD HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 02 May 2012 InfoSociety
Skills for growth … from R&D to innovation HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 26 Apr 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Social Europe & Jobs
Huawei Reports FY11 Revenue of CNY 203.9 Billion, R&D Investment of CNY 23.7 Billion and Embarks on Business Transformation HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 25 Apr 2012 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Huawei International Advisory Council Brainstorms Strategy to Strengthen Commitment to Europe HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 22 Mar 2012 InfoSociety
Broadband is a Driving Force for Economic and Social Development HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 29 Feb 2012 InfoSociety
45,000 Huawei Engineers Participate in the World’s Largest Desktop Cloud HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 16 Feb 2012 InfoSociety
ICT4CSR delivers a “social upside” to the bottom line HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 07 Feb 2012 Social Europe & Jobs, InfoSociety
Cloud computing offers huge potentials for the public sector HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 30 Jan 2012 InfoSociety
Huawei welcomes Horizon 2020 HUAWEI BRUSSELS OFFICE 01 Dec 2011 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise


Business & Strategies in Europe
Project Assistant - Africa Caribbean Pacific
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
Communications Intern
International Association of Oil & Gas Producers
European Affairs Policy Officer
European Partnership for Democracy
Programmes Assistant (Traineeship)
United Nations Regional Information Centre
Intern - Public Information, Benelux & EU Desk