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Franco-German meeting - Déja-vu, as Merkozy deal again fails to provide answers on core issues facing Eurozone GREENS/EFA GROUP 06 Dec 2011 Euro & Finance
ITER nuclear fusion - EP rubberstamps deal to pour more public funds into runaway ITER budget GREENS/EFA GROUP 13 Dec 2011 Energy
Criminal rights - Greater cross-border rights during criminal proceedings, as MEPs endorse EU letter of rights GREENS/EFA GROUP 13 Dec 2011 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
Privacy and data protection - PNR Misguided home affairs ministers ignore concerns and give EU-US PNR thumbs-up GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Dec 2011 Justice & Home Affairs
EU energy roadmap - Roadmap fails to plot path for secure, safe and sustainable energy future GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Dec 2011 Energy
EU-Russia summit: EU must support calls of demonstrators for re-run of Duma elections GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Dec 2011 Europe's East
EU-Morocco fisheries agreement/Western Sahara - EP rejects shameful agreement; Commission must go back to drawing board GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Dec 2011 Agriculture & Food
EU transparency EP pushes for better public access to EU documents, Council must give up smoke and mirrors GREENS/EFA GROUP 15 Dec 2011
Commission takes action against Hungary in selected areas; assessment misses bigger picture GREENS/EFA GROUP 17 Jan 2012
Waste electric and electronic goods (WEEE), MEPs approve stronger EU rules and clampdown on illegal WEEE shipments GREENS/EFA GROUP 19 Jan 2012 Energy
Hazardous substances/EU biocides rules - EP gives go ahead to EU rules ensuring safer pest control products GREENS/EFA GROUP 19 Jan 2012 Health & Consumers, Climate & Environment, Agriculture & Food
Belarus - EU foreign ministers fail to agree on effective economic sanctions against Lukashenko regime GREENS/EFA GROUP 23 Jan 2012 Europe's East
EU-Kosovo - EP sends strong signal on Kosovo's EU path; urges recalcitrant member states to recognise Kosovo GREENS/EFA GROUP 24 Jan 2012
Euro crisis summit: Unnecessary 'compact' signed off; real steps to resolving Euro crisis still missing GREENS/EFA GROUP 31 Jan 2012 Euro & Finance
Data retention (PNR) EU-US PNR agreement should be rejected by EP GREENS/EFA GROUP 02 Feb 2012 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
Food claims - EP rejects misleading food claims under EU rules GREENS/EFA GROUP 02 Feb 2012 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
Kosovo - Counterproductive referendum is unnecessary provocation GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Feb 2012 Global Europe
Social policy - EU governments must not lose sight of social consequences in crisis response GREENS/EFA GROUP 15 Feb 2012 Social Europe & Jobs, Euro & Finance
EU food aid scheme: Solution approved on EU food scheme for most vulnerable persons GREENS/EFA GROUP 15 Feb 2012 Agriculture & Food
Eurobonds: EP endorses proposed 'stability bonds' GREENS/EFA GROUP 15 Feb 2012 Euro & Finance
Sulphur rules for ships/Air pollution - Tougher EU rules to benefit public health and the environment GREENS/EFA GROUP 16 Feb 2012 Climate & Environment
External borders - Court ruling on odious Italy-Libya deal has clear implications for EU migration and border policies GREENS/EFA GROUP 23 Feb 2012 Global Europe
Energy efficiency - EP vote for stronger, binding rules a boost for EU economic and energy goals GREENS/EFA GROUP 28 Feb 2012 Energy
Energy and carbon tax EP vote adds momentum to push for EU energy and carbon tax GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Feb 2012 Energy
Hungary - Commission infringement progress welcome; bigger picture of democratic roll-back unresolved GREENS/EFA GROUP 07 Mar 2012
Mega-trucks - Commission's planned u-turn on gigaliners incompatible with EU law GREENS/EFA GROUP 20 Mar 2012 Transport
Air passenger rights - EP votes for better rights for air passenger rights, endorsing Green proposals GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Mar 2012 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
Refugees and asylum policy - EU better equipped to assist refugees and play a more proactive global role after EP vote GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Mar 2012 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
EU governments must reject desperate attempt to give boost to flagging nuclear power GREENS/EFA GROUP 13 Apr 2012 Energy
PNR - data protection Blow for EU citizens' civil liberties as hypocritical MEPs green light controversial EU-US PNR deal GREENS/EFA GROUP 19 Apr 2012 Justice & Home Affairs