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Biofuels, emissions and land use - Commission proposals fail to fully address climate damage of biofuels GREENS/EFA GROUP 17 Oct 2012 Energy, Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Greens/EFA Press Conference in Athens Livestream GREENS/EFA GROUP 09 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Greens/EFA Conference in Athens - Green ways out of the crisis GREENS/EFA GROUP 07 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020
ACTA - Anti-counterfeiting agreement: EP must move forward and torpedo ACTA once and for all GREENS/EFA GROUP 25 Apr 2012 InfoSociety
ACTA - anti-counterfeiting treaty: Further blows to ACTA as EP moves to finish off controversial treaty GREENS/EFA GROUP 31 May 2012 InfoSociety
ACTA anti-counterfeiting agreement - New study underlines rights concerns with ACTA, strengthens calls for deal to be scrapped GREENS/EFA GROUP 04 Oct 2011 Trade & Society
Air passenger rights GREENS/EFA GROUP 13 Mar 2013 Health & Consumers
Air passenger rights - EP votes for better rights for air passenger rights, endorsing Green proposals GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Mar 2012 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
Airport rules - Flawed plans to liberalise airport ground-handling services given clearance by MEPs GREENS/EFA GROUP 16 Apr 2013 Climate & Environment, Transport
Airports and noise No takeoff for flawed plans to liberalise airport services but MEPs fail to address concerns on noise GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Dec 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Transport
Animal welfare - Transport time limit 'elephant in the room' as EP adopts report on EU animal welfare rules GREENS/EFA GROUP 04 Jul 2012 Health & Consumers
Bahrain crisis - EU must end prevarication and take urgent steps to stop bloodshed in Bahrain GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Mar 2011 Global Europe
Bees urgently need to be protected from pesticides GREENS/EFA GROUP 01 Feb 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020, Sustainable Dev.
Belarus - EU foreign ministers fail to agree on effective economic sanctions against Lukashenko regime GREENS/EFA GROUP 23 Jan 2012 Europe's East
Belarus - Failure by EU foreign ministers to expand sanctions regretted GREENS/EFA GROUP 16 Oct 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Belgian nuclear reactor shutdown EU must put pressure on Belgium for transparency; wider EU issues must be addressed GREENS/EFA GROUP 17 Jan 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, EU Priorities 2020
Biodiversity - Absence of new ideas in EU strategy on halting biodiversity loss GREENS/EFA GROUP 03 May 2011 Climate & Environment
Biopatents - EP sends strong message on need to respect European law and end patenting of life forms GREENS/EFA GROUP 10 May 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
Boardroom quotas for women - Important step for redressing a major outstanding barrier to gender equality GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Social Europe & Jobs
Brussels Agenda - Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 15-19 October 2012 GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Oct 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Bulgarian nuclear referendum Government must hold course and oppose senseless Belene nuclear new-build GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Jan 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, EU Priorities 2020
Bulgarian nuclear referendum Greens/EFA co-president Harms to join campaign in Sofia against nuclear new build GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Jan 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Energy, Climate & Environment
Call for urgent action to save eels teetering on the brink GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Jun 2013 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
CAP reform gutted by agro-industry lobby and its proxies GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Oct 2011 Agriculture & Food
Car noise - Centre-right MEPs back noisy car lobby and weaken draft EU rules GREENS/EFA GROUP 06 Feb 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Climate policy/emissions trading GREENS/EFA GROUP 22 Apr 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Clone food - Blow for consumers as government obstinacy on clone food leads to collapse of 'novel foods' rules GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Mar 2011 Agriculture & Food
Commission bows to London and gives up on European supervision of benchmarks GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Commission goes through motions but standstill in EU-Turkey relations main concern GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Oct 2011 Enlargement
Commission nominee - Reservations surrounding Borg's appointment must lead to guarantees on respect for EU values GREENS/EFA GROUP 21 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020



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Project Assistant - Africa Caribbean Pacific
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
Communications Intern
International Association of Oil & Gas Producers
European Affairs Policy Officer
European Partnership for Democracy
Programmes Assistant (Traineeship)
United Nations Regional Information Centre
Intern - Public Information, Benelux & EU Desk