Press Releases of this organisation

Biofuels, emissions and land use - Commission proposals fail to fully address climate damage of biofuels GREENS/EFA GROUP 17 Oct 2012 Energy, Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Greens/EFA Press Conference in Athens Livestream GREENS/EFA GROUP 09 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Greens/EFA Conference in Athens - Green ways out of the crisis GREENS/EFA GROUP 07 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020
ACTA - Anti-counterfeiting agreement: EP must move forward and torpedo ACTA once and for all GREENS/EFA GROUP 25 Apr 2012 InfoSociety
ACTA - anti-counterfeiting treaty: Further blows to ACTA as EP moves to finish off controversial treaty GREENS/EFA GROUP 31 May 2012 InfoSociety
ACTA anti-counterfeiting agreement - New study underlines rights concerns with ACTA, strengthens calls for deal to be scrapped GREENS/EFA GROUP 04 Oct 2011 Trade & Society
Air passenger rights GREENS/EFA GROUP 13 Mar 2013 Health & Consumers
Air passenger rights - EP votes for better rights for air passenger rights, endorsing Green proposals GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Mar 2012 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
Airport rules - Flawed plans to liberalise airport ground-handling services given clearance by MEPs GREENS/EFA GROUP 16 Apr 2013 Climate & Environment, Transport
Airports and noise No takeoff for flawed plans to liberalise airport services but MEPs fail to address concerns on noise GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Dec 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Transport
Animal welfare - Transport time limit 'elephant in the room' as EP adopts report on EU animal welfare rules GREENS/EFA GROUP 04 Jul 2012 Health & Consumers
Bahrain crisis - EU must end prevarication and take urgent steps to stop bloodshed in Bahrain GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Mar 2011 Global Europe
Bees urgently need to be protected from pesticides GREENS/EFA GROUP 01 Feb 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020, Sustainable Dev.
Belarus - EU foreign ministers fail to agree on effective economic sanctions against Lukashenko regime GREENS/EFA GROUP 23 Jan 2012 Europe's East
Belarus - Failure by EU foreign ministers to expand sanctions regretted GREENS/EFA GROUP 16 Oct 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Belgian nuclear reactor shutdown EU must put pressure on Belgium for transparency; wider EU issues must be addressed GREENS/EFA GROUP 17 Jan 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, EU Priorities 2020
Biodiversity - Absence of new ideas in EU strategy on halting biodiversity loss GREENS/EFA GROUP 03 May 2011 Climate & Environment
Biopatents - EP sends strong message on need to respect European law and end patenting of life forms GREENS/EFA GROUP 10 May 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
Boardroom quotas for women - Important step for redressing a major outstanding barrier to gender equality GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Social Europe & Jobs
Brussels Agenda - Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 15-19 October 2012 GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Oct 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Bulgarian nuclear referendum Government must hold course and oppose senseless Belene nuclear new-build GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Jan 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, EU Priorities 2020
Bulgarian nuclear referendum Greens/EFA co-president Harms to join campaign in Sofia against nuclear new build GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Jan 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Energy, Climate & Environment
Call for urgent action to save eels teetering on the brink GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Jun 2013 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
CAP reform gutted by agro-industry lobby and its proxies GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Oct 2011 Agriculture & Food
Car noise - Centre-right MEPs back noisy car lobby and weaken draft EU rules GREENS/EFA GROUP 06 Feb 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Climate policy/emissions trading GREENS/EFA GROUP 22 Apr 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Clone food - Blow for consumers as government obstinacy on clone food leads to collapse of 'novel foods' rules GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Mar 2011 Agriculture & Food
Commission bows to London and gives up on European supervision of benchmarks GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Commission goes through motions but standstill in EU-Turkey relations main concern GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Oct 2011 Enlargement
Commission nominee - Reservations surrounding Borg's appointment must lead to guarantees on respect for EU values GREENS/EFA GROUP 21 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020



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Privacy and Data Protection Law Internship
European Roma Information Office (ERIO)
Internship in Roma rights
Institutional Shareholder Services Europe SA
Internship Data Procurement
Institutional Shareholder Services Europe SA
Internship Executive Compensation Analyst EMEA
ECB - European Central Bank
Traineeship in Direct Supervision
European Society of Cardiology
Project Manager (Health Economy)
EVPA - European Venture Philanthropy Association
EVPA Training Academy Internship
The European Consulting Company
Junior Association Manager
AEGPL - European LPG Association
Communications and Public Affairs Assistant