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Greens-EFA Group

Press Releases of this organisation

Airline emissions Greens-EFA Group 03 Apr 2014 Climate & Environment, Transport
Call for binding EU climate and energy targets for 2030 must be heeded by governments Greens-EFA Group 05 Feb 2014 Climate & Environment, Energy
Clinical trials for medicines Greens-EFA Group 03 Apr 2014 Health & Consumers
EU border control plans Greens-EFA Group 28 Feb 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Global Europe, Enlargement
EU fisheries policy reform Greens-EFA Group 27 Feb 2013 Agriculture & Food, EU Priorities 2020, Sustainable Dev.
EU money laundering rules Greens-EFA Group 11 Mar 2014 Euro & Finance
EU seed legislation Greens-EFA Group 11 Mar 2014 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
EU summit :Welcome cooperation against Russia but missed opportunity for EU energy policy Greens-EFA Group 21 Mar 2014 Global Europe
EU-US trade negotiations - Investor dispute mechanism Trojan horse must be excluded from TTIP Greens-EFA Group 21 Jan 2014 Euro & Finance
European Parliament administration Greens-EFA Group 02 Apr 2014 EU Elections 2014
MEPs vote to strengthen rights for passengers Greens-EFA Group 05 Feb 2014 Justice & Home Affairs, Transport
Nuclear safety Greens-EFA Group 03 Apr 2014 Climate & Environment, Energy
Plastic bags Greens-EFA Group 11 Mar 2014 Climate & Environment, Energy, Sustainable Dev.
Shale gas and impact assessments - New rules fail to ensure environmental impact assessments for shale gas Greens-EFA Group 13 Feb 2014 Energy
Swiss free movement referendum - No quotas on the application of EU law Greens-EFA Group 10 Feb 2014 Social Europe & Jobs
Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 17-21 February 2014 Greens-EFA Group 14 Feb 2014 EU Priorities 2020


BRAK - Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer
Assistenz (m/w/d)
Forum CTEP GmbH
Debate Editor (f/m/d)
Intercultural Dialogue Platform
Videography & Media Intern (Paid Internship)
Intercultural Dialogue Platform
Social Media & Graphics Intern (Paid Internship)
Researcher position in Communication Technologies Division - SMARTECH Department
One Policy Place (OPP)
Policy Analyst - EU Finance Policy
INEA - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
PROJECT OFFICER Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation - Transport
Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly
EU support officer