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Anti-dumping duties wrongly imposed on ceramic tableware and kitchenware EuroCommerce 15 Nov 2012 Trade & Society
EP vote on Bové report misrepresents realities of food supply chain EuroCommerce 08 Sep 2010 Agriculture & Food
EuroCommerce President Dame Lucy Neville-Rolfe addresses the Forum for Agriculture conference 2013 EuroCommerce 06 Mar 2013 Agriculture & Food, Trade & Society
Preferential tariffs for imports from developing countries: An example of good practice in setting trade policy EuroCommerce 31 Oct 2012 Trade & Society
SMEs need international business opportunities to be competitive European Parliament identifies necessary action EuroCommerce 23 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
20 years Single Market - EuroCommerce congratulates the European Union on this milestone but a lot remains to be done EuroCommerce 15 Oct 2012 Trade & Society, EU Priorities 2020
Biocide deal heralds confusion over labelling EuroCommerce 19 Jan 2012 Health & Consumers
Boosting confidence and growth requires cooperation between businesses and consumers EuroCommerce 23 May 2012 Health & Consumers
Collective redress shows some balance for commerce and consumers EuroCommerce 12 Jun 2013 Health & Consumers, Trade & Society
Commerce applauds recognition of the European Union in the quest for peace EuroCommerce 15 Oct 2012 Global Europe
Commerce committed to action on F-gases, but warns of challenges ahead EuroCommerce 07 Nov 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
Commerce sector to extend successful sustainability platform for another 3 years EuroCommerce 14 Nov 2011 Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
Commerce supports the need to further reduce food waste EuroCommerce 19 Jan 2012 Agriculture & Food
Core principles on fair business relations agreed by food supply chain stakeholders, welcomed by the High Level Forum on a better functioning food supply chain EuroCommerce 30 Nov 2011 Agriculture & Food
EU Trade Defence Modernisation: Importers’ perspective key for balanced results EuroCommerce 10 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
EuroCommerce elects Lucy Neville-Rolfe as its new President EuroCommerce 21 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
EuroCommerce supports a voluntary approach to measure the environmental footprint of products and organisations EuroCommerce 09 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
EuroCommerce supports ambitious EU-US trade deal EuroCommerce 15 Feb 2013 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, Trade & Society
EuroCommerce supports Commission initiative on Alternative Dispute Resolution but sees room for improvement EuroCommerce 30 Nov 2011 Trade & Society
EuroCommerce takes note of the national competition authorities’ report on the food supply chain EuroCommerce 24 May 2012 Competition, Agriculture & Food
EuroCommerce wants more focus on Single Market implementation EuroCommerce 03 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance
EuroCommerce welcomes Commission strategy on skills for the future EuroCommerce 21 Nov 2012 Education, EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
EuroCommerce welcomes Commission’s new CSR strategy EuroCommerce 26 Oct 2011 Trade & Society
EuroCommerce welcomes competition exemption for small retailers EuroCommerce 22 Apr 2010 Trade & Society
EuroCommerce welcomes Parliament’s support for consistency in the proposed reform of the CMO in fishery and aquaculture products EuroCommerce 12 Sep 2012 Agriculture & Food
EuroCommerce welcomes the Commission’s new plans for a “job-rich recovery” EuroCommerce 19 Apr 2012 Social Europe & Jobs
European Court vindicates ban on anti-competitive card fees EuroCommerce 24 May 2012 Competition
European retail steps up the fight against waste in drive to green the economy EuroCommerce 09 Oct 2012 Sustainable Dev.
First SME Day for commerce - EuroCommerce calls for “six SME essentials” for growth EuroCommerce 10 Oct 2012 Innovation & Enterprise
Fluorinated greenhouse gases: EP Environment committee deadlines are unrealistic EuroCommerce 19 Jun 2013 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.



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