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Company Description

Eurochild is a network of organisations working with and for children throughout Europe, striving for a society that respects the rights of children.

Press Releases of this organisation

#CovidUnder19: What does the pandemic mean for children? Eurochild 09 Dec 2020 Health & Consumers
(In)visible Children. Eurochild 2022 report on children in need across Europe Eurochild 15 Dec 2022 Health & Consumers, Social Europe & Jobs
A new campaign pushes for a fair start for every child in Europe Eurochild 15 Dec 2020 InfoSociety
A Strong Social Europe Must Target Child Poverty Eurochild 29 Jan 2020 InfoSociety, Social Europe & Jobs
Aftercare for Care Leavers: Learning lessons from across Europe Eurochild 25 Sep 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
BUILDING SOCIAL EUROPE: People-centred economy and participation are key to social progress in Europe Eurochild 19 Sep 2019 InfoSociety
Bulgarian civil society demands action against hate campaigns Eurochild 27 Jan 2020 InfoSociety, Social Europe & Jobs
Child poverty infographic receives EU award Eurochild 05 Oct 2017 Social Europe & Jobs
Children speak up about the rights and the future they want Eurochild 23 Feb 2021 Science & Policymaking
Children's rights organisations share their expectations of the proposed European Commission Eurochild 24 Sep 2019 InfoSociety
Civil Society Reflects on Deinstitutionalisation Progress Over the Past 10 Years Eurochild 28 Jan 2020 InfoSociety, Social Europe & Jobs
Ensuring Children's Rights in the UK's Future Relationship with the EU Eurochild 05 Feb 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Eurochild conference travels to child-friendly Opatija Eurochild 25 Jan 2018 Social Europe & Jobs
Eurochild recommits itself to catalysing EU influence to improve lives of children Eurochild 18 Apr 2018 Social Europe & Jobs
Eurochild's First Response - Launch of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child and Child Guarantee Eurochild 25 Mar 2021 InfoSociety
European Parliament Committee backs Child Guarantee in European Social Fund Plus Eurochild 07 Dec 2018 Education
European Parliament marks World Children's Day by launching dialogue with children Eurochild 20 Nov 2017 Social Europe & Jobs
Europe’s civil society calls on the EU to maintain, strengthen and expand its pivotal role towards children’s deinstitutionalisation Eurochild 20 Mar 2018 Social Europe & Jobs
First ever EU Children’s Summit paves way for future of Europe debate Eurochild 07 May 2019 Education
Former Maltese President elected President of European children’s rights network Eurochild 18 Apr 2019 InfoSociety
Fundamental Rights Charter must be part of EU Withdrawal Bill, say children’s rights NGOs Eurochild 05 Oct 2017 UK in Europe
Get children to safety & help them feel safe - Eurochild letter to Heads of EU institutions and our EU allies Eurochild 18 Mar 2022 Europe's East
How can we improve child participation in EU policymaking? Eurochild 23 Feb 2021 Science & Policymaking
Investing in Children in Italy Eurochild 06 Feb 2020 InfoSociety, Social Europe & Jobs
Let Children be Children: Lessons from the Field on the Protection and Integration of Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe Eurochild 05 Dec 2017 Social Europe & Jobs
Making social rights work for children Eurochild 17 Oct 2018 Social Europe & Jobs
New European Parliament takes its First Steps to Protect Children's Rights Eurochild 02 Dec 2019 InfoSociety
Opening Doors, Pan-European De-Institutionalization Campaign, Celebrates Its Achievements Upon Closure Eurochild 11 Dec 2019 InfoSociety, Education
Put Children’s Well-being at the Heart of our Policy Choices Eurochild 26 May 2020 Social Europe & Jobs
Taking stock of Europe’s children’s rights sector Eurochild 11 Jun 2020 InfoSociety