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Company Description

EURACTIV is an independent pan-European media network specialised in EU policies.

We spark and nourish policy debates among stakeholders, including government, business and civil society. We cover policy processes upstream of decisions, summarising the issues without taking sides.

The EURACTIV Network provides free localised EU policy news in 12 languages. Together with our media partners, we reach over 1.7 million users across Europe and beyond, every month.



With 2,4 million page views and 952,449 unique visitors per month, EURACTIV is a leader among online media specialised in EU policy. We address 80% of our readers in their own language.

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EURACTIV has an original business model, based on five elements (corporate sponsoring, Euractor membership, advertising, EU projects, and content syndication). It is well funded and the content usage is free.

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The EURACTIV websites in 12 languages are the favourite online platform for EU policy professionals in Brussels and beyond. They bring together journalistic independence with transparency and practical efficiency, complementing the existing EU media and institutional websites.

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EURACTIV enjoys extensive political, NGO and press support. It is at the heart of the ‘Community of EU Actors’. This ‘Community’ includes several thousand European organisations and companies, many of which are currently using EURACTIV’s services.

EURACTIV’s coverage of EU affairs revolves around policy positions taken by EU Actors trying to influence policies upstream of policy proposals by the European Commission.

By providing links to the full text of these positions, EURACTIV brings more visibility to the processes influencing EU policies. We thereby open the EU policy debate.

Our aim is to deepen these debates, both within and outside the institutions, as well as upstream of decisions. This is done in a transparent and effective way: fact-based, constructive and professional.

EURACTIV cooperates with a number of national media, innovation companies and groups of readers to support transformations in the media sector on four fronts: Data Journalism, Translated Syndication, Media Policies (#Media4EU) and Media Networks.


Press Releases of this organisation

EurActiv publishes new feature "LinksDossier": "The press in Europe: Freedom & pluralism at risk" EURACTIV 14 Sep 2011 InfoSociety, Public Affairs
EUX.TV celebrates 5th anniversary & more than 14 million page views EURACTIV 15 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EUX.TV célèbre son cinquième anniversaire et plus de 14 millions de visites EURACTIV 15 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EurActiv 'Special Report' on Rural Energy EURACTIV 15 Sep 2011 Energy
EurActiv launches iPhone app EURACTIV 19 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EurActiv lance son application iPhone EURACTIV 19 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EurActiv 'Special Report' on SMEs' Access to Finance EURACTIV 22 Sep 2011 Euro & Finance
EurActiv 'Special Report' on Small Businesses - driving EU growth EURACTIV 30 Sep 2011 Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety
German Industry & Civil Society agree: EU-disintegration is not an option EURACTIV 30 Sep 2011 InfoSociety, EU Priorities 2020
Pour l’industrie allemande et la société civile, le démantèlement de l’UE n’est pas une option EURACTIV 30 Sep 2011 EU Priorities 2020, InfoSociety
Deutsche Industrie und Zivilgesellschaft stimmen überein: Der Zerfall der Eurozone muss verhindert werden! EURACTIV 30 Sep 2011 InfoSociety, EU Priorities 2020
‘A Tunisian Girl’ & ‘Citizens Foundation’ win e-Gov & e-Democracy prize EURACTIV 14 Oct 2011 InfoSociety
Les prix de l'e-Administration et de l'e-Démocratie remportés par une blogueuse Tunisienne et la Citizens Foundation EURACTIV 14 Oct 2011 InfoSociety
Bonino, Monti, Tajani: Italy’s role key to exit EU crisis EURACTIV 18 Oct 2011 Euro & Finance
Le rôle de l'Italie est essentiel pour sortir de la crise, selon Emma Bonino, Mario Monti et Antonio Tajani EURACTIV 18 Oct 2011 Euro & Finance
Bonino, Monti e Tajani tagliano il nastro di EURACTIV 19 Oct 2011 Euro & Finance
EU Federation Knowledge Programme 2012 - 7 workshops on EU communication & advocacy EURACTIV 01 Dec 2011 Public Affairs
Ateliers 2012 pour les fédérations européennes - 7 ateliers sur la communication et le lobbyisme dans l'UE EURACTIV 01 Dec 2011 Public Affairs
Fondation EurActiv PoliTech expands EU journalist fellowship scheme with Robert Bosch Stiftung EURACTIV 22 Dec 2011 Education, EU Priorities 2020
Fondation EurActiv PoliTech erweitert EU-Journalisten-Trainingsprogramm mit der Robert Bosch Stiftung EURACTIV 22 Dec 2011 Education, EU Priorities 2020
La Fondation EurActiv PoliTech renforce son programme de bourse pour les journalistes européens avec la Robert Bosch Stiftung EURACTIV 22 Dec 2011 Education, EU Priorities 2020
EurActiv withdraws from Hungary, but expands in other complex countries EURACTIV 18 Jan 2012 EU Priorities 2020
EurActiv quite la Hongrie mais se développe dans d'autres pays EURACTIV 18 Jan 2012 EU Priorities 2020
WARMING UP TO INITIATIVE.EU - The online community to federate stakeholders for European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) EURACTIV 26 Jan 2012
Lancement d'INITIATIVE.EU - Une communauté en ligne pour fédérer les parties prenantes souhaitant déposer une Initiative citoyenne européenne (ICE) EURACTIV 26 Jan 2012
EurActiv 'Special Report' on Data Protection EURACTIV 20 Feb 2012 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
EurActiv engage Ian Hall à Londres pour renforcer la couverture des débats R-U/UE EURACTIV 05 Mar 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Public Affairs
Economists warn of major uncertainty in eurozone at a EurActiv panel discussion EURACTIV 09 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
L’incertitude dans la zone euro au cœur d'un débat organisé par EurActiv EURACTIV 09 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
EU journalists selected for 2012 fellowship scheme with Robert Bosch Stiftung EURACTIV 09 May 2012



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