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Company Description

EURACTIV Media Network is a bridge between media organisations in more than 12 European capitals, specialised in EU policies and related national politics. We publish online in more than 12 languages. Our headquarters is in Brussels.

We are pro-European, critical and constructive. We are independent and transparent in our reporting as well as in our business with our diversified business model.

EURACTIV also offers a wide variety of services in order to support EU stakeholders in their communication strategy and reputation building.


Press Releases of this organisation

EurActiv 'Special Report' on Data Protection EURACTIV 20 Feb 2012 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
EurActiv 'Special Report' on Rural Energy EURACTIV 15 Sep 2011 Energy
EurActiv 'Special Report' on Small Businesses - driving EU growth EURACTIV 30 Sep 2011 Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety
EurActiv 'Special Report' on SMEs' Access to Finance EURACTIV 22 Sep 2011 Euro & Finance
EurActiv and EFE Partner to Cover Transatlantic Trade EURACTIV 10 Jun 2015 Global Europe, Public Affairs, Trade & Society
EurActiv Awards attract range of nominations, first sponsors EURACTIV 24 Jul 2009 EU Priorities 2020
EURACTIV concludes a strategic partnership with the Institute for European Studies in Brussels (IEE-ULB) EURACTIV 27 Aug 2020 Education
EurActiv embraces Web 2.0 with revamped websites, better search and blog platform EURACTIV 09 Apr 2008 InfoSociety
EurActiv engage Ian Hall à Londres pour renforcer la couverture des débats R-U/UE EURACTIV 05 Mar 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Public Affairs
EurActiv flagship redesign: Still yellow, even more interactive EURACTIV 17 May 2011 EU Priorities 2020
EurActiv goes local: Portals discuss the payment services directive at national level EURACTIV 08 Jul 2008 Trade & Society, Euro & Finance, Competition, Social Europe & Jobs, EU Priorities 2020
EurActiv has an associate partner in Serbia EURACTIV 29 Sep 2010 Enlargement
EurActiv helps to improve knowledge transfer in EU communications EURACTIV 28 Oct 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
EurActiv ist Netzwerkpartner mit Class Editori, Italien & Agencia EFE, Spanien EURACTIV 28 Jan 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise, Languages & Culture
EurActiv lance son application iPhone EURACTIV 19 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EurActiv launches iPhone app EURACTIV 19 Sep 2011 InfoSociety
EURACTIV launches Policy Intelligence Service EURACTIV 12 Dec 2019 Public Affairs
EURACTIV launches the debate on Global Governance EURACTIV 11 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
EurActiv launches ‘Regional Policy’ section: EurActiv to provide in-depth coverage of the policy area in 2010 EURACTIV 19 Jan 2010 Regional Policy, EU Priorities 2020
EURACTIV NETWORK PARTNERS WITH CLASS EDITORI, ITALY & AGENCIA EFE, SPAIN EURACTIV 27 Jan 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise, Languages & Culture
EurActiv on EuroNews EURACTIV 20 Oct 2008 Public Affairs, InfoSociety, Enlargement, EU Priorities 2020
EURACTIV partners with Polish EU Presidency; – official “Friend of the Polish Presidency” EURACTIV 04 Jul 2011
EurActiv publishes new feature "LinksDossier": "The press in Europe: Freedom & pluralism at risk" EURACTIV 14 Sep 2011 InfoSociety, Public Affairs
EurActiv quite la Hongrie mais se développe dans d'autres pays EURACTIV 18 Jan 2012 EU Priorities 2020
EurActiv re-inforces presence in candidate countries: Croatia, Montenegro and Iceland EURACTIV 30 Aug 2011 Enlargement
EurActiv reinforces Senior Leadership, Laurent Ledoux starts as new CEO EURACTIV 01 Jul 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
EurActiv renforce sa présence dans les pays candidats : Croatie, Monténégro et Islande EURACTIV 30 Aug 2011 Enlargement
EurActiv Special Week coverage: R&D and Innovation – A route out of the crisis? EURACTIV 22 Jul 2009 EU Priorities 2020
EurActiv strengthens top management EURACTIV 03 Sep 2009 EU Priorities 2020
EurActiv strengthens top management EURACTIV 28 Oct 2009



BRAK - Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer
Assistenz (m/w/d)
Forum CTEP GmbH
Debate Editor (f/m/d)
Intercultural Dialogue Platform
Videography & Media Intern (Paid Internship)
Intercultural Dialogue Platform
Social Media & Graphics Intern (Paid Internship)
Researcher position in Communication Technologies Division - SMARTECH Department
One Policy Place (OPP)
Policy Analyst - EU Finance Policy
INEA - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
PROJECT OFFICER Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation - Transport
Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly
EU support officer