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Company Description

Euractiv is a bridge between media organisations in more than 12 European capitals, specialised in EU policies and related national politics. We publish online in more than 12 languages. Our headquarters is in Brussels.

We are pro-European, critical and constructive. We are independent and transparent in our reporting as well as in our business with our diversified business model.

Euractiv also offers a wide variety of services in order to support EU stakeholders in their communication strategy and reputation building.







Press Releases of this organisation

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The Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum: Sea change or new crisis for the EU? Euractiv 05 Oct 2009 EU Priorities 2020
TOP 40 BRITISH ‘INFLUENCERS’ ON EU POLICY REVEALED BY EURACTIV Euractiv 15 Nov 2012 UK in Europe, EU Priorities 2020
WARMING UP TO INITIATIVE.EU - The online community to federate stakeholders for European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) Euractiv 26 Jan 2012
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‘Robert Bosch Fellows’: National journalists trained in Brussels Euractiv 01 Mar 2011 EU Priorities 2020, Public Affairs