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EDF - European Disability Forum The European Disability Forum is an independent NGO that represents the interests of 80 million Europeans with...
EDAA - European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance
EDA - European Dairy Association
ECTA - European Competitive Telecommunications Association Established in 1998, the European Competitive Telecommunications Association is the leading pan-European telecoms as
ECTA - European Chemical Transport Association
ECSO - European Cyber Security Organisation
ECR Group - European Conservative and Reformist Group
ECPC - The European Cancer Patient Coalition
ECPC - European Cancer Patient Coalition
ECPA - European Crop Protection Association
Ecommerce Europe
ECHA - European Chemicals Agency Would you like to join our team?
ECG - The Association of European Vehicle Logistics
ECF (European Cyclists' Federation)
ECBC - European Covered Bond Council
ECAS - European Citizen Action Service
ECAR - European Campaign for the Freedom of the Automotive Parts and Repair Market
ECA - European Cockpit Association
EBTN - European Banking & Financial Services Training Association
EBRA Founded in 1998, EBRA acts for and on behalf of its members at the EU level to promote the development of collection,...
eBIO - European Bioethanol Fuel Association
EBF - European Banking Federation
EBC - European Builders Confederation
EBB - European Biodiesel Board
EBAA - European Business Aviation Association The  European  Business  Aviation  Association  (EBAA),  the  leading  Association  for  Business  Aviation in Eur
EBAA - (European Business Aviation Association) Representing more than 700 aircraft operators, ground services, business airports and the wider ecosystem around bus
EAZA - European Association of Zoos and Aquaria