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ESBG - European Savings Bank Group

Company Description

The European Savings Banks Group (ESBG) is a European banking association that represents the interests of its 26 members vis-à-vis the EU Institutions, with a specific focus on retail banking issues. To this end, it defines and expresses the position of its Members in all matters related to the European financial services industry. ESBG delivers detailed research into the evolution of legislation and the retail banking market in Europe and also compares it with other regions of the world.

ESBG is also a forum for cooperation between its members. It proposes cooperation projects and assists its members in identifying consortium partners on a bilateral or multilateral basis. ESBG also provides technical consultancy in partnership with multilateral agencies and offers training to its members to increase their operational efficiency.

ESBG works in close collaboration with its members via a series of committees and task forces that allow for a permanent dialogue on all topics.

Press Releases of this organisation

Caution needed! EU Policy makers might undermine ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 12 May 2011
Competitive postal financial services key to improving financial inclusion ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 30 Nov 2011 Euro & Finance
DOUBLING SAVINGS ACCOUNTS FOR THE POOR WSBI seeks to create 10 million sustainable and affordable savings accounts ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 01 Jun 2011 Euro & Finance
EC Commission position on interchange for direct debit ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 08 Sep 2008 Euro & Finance, Competition
Emulating William Tell: Tackling the financial crisis without hurting the sound retail banking model ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 02 Nov 2011 Euro & Finance
ESBG supports a more flexible application of the fair value approach ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 10 Oct 2008 Competition
EU Parliament Committee does not challenge European Commission’s proposal on SEPA migration Regulation ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 14 Jul 2011 Global Europe
European Parliament reports on retail banking: constructive, fair and balanced, says ESBG ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 05 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Euro & Finance
Savings banks adopt resolution on a greener banking ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 28 May 2008 Euro & Finance, Climate & Environment
SEPA Direct Debits will only be a success with interchange ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 11 May 2011 Euro & Finance, EU Priorities 2020
Washington Mutual is not a savings bank ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 10 Oct 2008
“Measures for financial inclusion have to be delivered at national level”, says ESBG. ESBG - European Savings Bank Group 30 May 2008 Euro & Finance, Competition


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