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Consumer Choice Center (CCC)

Press Releases of this organisation

Airport Ranking: Zurich is Europe’s best airport. Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 25 Aug 2020 Transport
Argentina’s telecom price controls are economic masochism Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 31 Aug 2020 Trade & Society
Boris Johnson’s new anti-obesity strategy is paternalistic and short-sighted Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 10 Jul 2020 InfoSociety
Consumer advocacy group sends a letter on airport slots waiver to Brussels Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 07 Sep 2020 InfoSociety
Consumer Choice Center published Policy Paper on Illicit Trade Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 31 Jul 2020 InfoSociety
Consumer Choice Center releases manifesto for post-COVID innovation Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 13 May 2020 InfoSociety
European Parliament has inexplicable double standard on GMOs Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 16 Jul 2020 InfoSociety
Il Piemonte contro i consumatori Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 25 Nov 2020 Health & Consumers
Information is good, the Nutri-Score is not Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 20 Aug 2020 InfoSociety
Is Farm to Fork the Agriculture Revolution we Need: Live event with MEP Norbert Lins, MEP Mazaly Aguilar, and Marcel Kuntz Is Farm to Fork the Agriculture Revolution we Need? Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 03 Jul 2020 InfoSociety
Latin America’s Top 10 Airports: Ranking Passenger-Friendly Airports Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 03 Jul 2020 InfoSociety
Leaked Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan threatens consumer choice Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 26 Jan 2021 Health & Consumers
New paper finds that vaping is a gateway OUT of smoking Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 20 Oct 2020 InfoSociety
New paper published on proposed ad bans and fighting obesity - Ad bans won’t do any good! Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 24 Nov 2020 Health & Consumers
New Report on Underage Vaping: Enforce existing laws, encourage innovation, and don’t penalize adult vapers Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 24 Nov 2020 Health & Consumers
Obesity crisis: Boris Johnson must remember more nannying is a bad solution Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 30 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
Open Letter to Airline CEOs: We consumers want to help you, but you need to adhere to the law and allow easy refunds. Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 30 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
Proposed ad bans are the highway to GULAG of nannying Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 12 Nov 2020 Health & Consumers
Russian Apple law: a cold war with an American tech giant? Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 03 Sep 2020 InfoSociety
The digital single market must be liberalized Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 25 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
The EU should consistently charge no VAT on medicine Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 05 Nov 2020 Health & Consumers
TRIPS Agreement anniversary: WTO should preserve IP at all costs Consumer Choice Center (CCC) 07 Oct 2020 InfoSociety


Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
Researcher position in Communication Technologies Division – SMARTECH Department
Communications Officer
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation (PETA Foundation)
Science Policy Adviser
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Consultant: Partnerships for Migration and Sustainable Development
European Roundtable on Climate Change and Sustainable Transition
(Senior) Policy Analyst
Climate Alliance
Communication Officer