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Company Description

CompTIA is a global trade association representing the business interests of the information technology industry. For more than 26 years CompTIA has provided research, networking and partnering opportunities to its 22,000 members in 102 countries. The association is involved in developing standards and best practices, and influencing the political, economic and educational arenas that impact IT worldwide see:

Press Releases of this organisation

CompTIA Comment on BECTA Statement COMPTIA 16 Sep 2008 Trade & Society, InfoSociety, Education
CompTIA Hosted Innovation Forum in Ljubljana COMPTIA 17 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety, Competition, Social Europe & Jobs
CompTIA Says Apparent ISO / IEC “Yes” Vote Represents Win for Choice COMPTIA 02 Apr 2008 Innovation & Enterprise
CompTIA urges Member States to "Patent" the EU Economy back on track COMPTIA 30 May 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, InfoSociety, Euro & Finance, Competition, Social Europe & Jobs, EU Priorities 2020
CompTIA welcomes Taiwan's move towards Free Trade in High Tech Products COMPTIA 12 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society, InfoSociety, Competition, Global Europe, Security
CompTIA welcomes US and Japan ITA trade complaint to the WTO COMPTIA 02 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society, InfoSociety, Competition, Security
Estonia cyber security forum COMPTIA 29 Aug 2008 InfoSociety, Security
Get Your Money Back – How to Harmonize e-Invoicing in Europe? COMPTIA 10 Jun 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society, InfoSociety, Euro & Finance, Competition
Global High-Tech Industry Welcomes WTO Consultations Over EU Compliance with the Information Technology Agreement COMPTIA 12 Jun 2008 InfoSociety, Competition
ICT choice abounds - association urges EC to dismiss BECTA and other related complaints COMPTIA 15 May 2008 InfoSociety, Competition
Industry to review possibly impact of draft EIF 2.0 COMPTIA 17 Jul 2008 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society, InfoSociety, Competition
IT Industry Veterans Join CompTIA Educational Foundation Board of Directors COMPTIA 26 Nov 2008 InfoSociety
South Africa ODF Adoption Outdated COMPTIA 29 Apr 2008 Trade & Society, InfoSociety
The European French Presidency: Encouraging EU efforts for an agreement on the Community Patent COMPTIA 01 Jul 2008 InfoSociety, Competition, EU Priorities 2020


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