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COGEN Europe

Press Releases of this organisation

Cogeneration and renewables: a winning combination COGEN Europe 16 Mar 2012 Energy
Cogeneration and district heating can benefit from the unspent EU economic recovery funds COGEN Europe 07 May 2010 Energy
COGEN Europe welcomes the progresses made by the European Parliament on the micro-generation Resolution and publishes a new briefing paper on the topic COGEN Europe 10 Jul 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
COGEN Europe welcomes new members Hoerbiger and Sunfire COGEN Europe 10 Jul 2018 Trade & Society
COGEN Europe warns that current problems facing the CHP sector demand firm implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive by Member States COGEN Europe 03 Apr 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
COGEN Europe urges clear inclusion of energy efficiency action in the post 2020 framework following the “green light” from Heads of State COGEN Europe 30 May 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
COGEN Europe urges Belgian EU Presidency to champion energy efficiency COGEN Europe 19 Aug 2010 Energy
COGEN EUROPE Recognition Awards 2018 acknowledge outstanding performances and achievements of cogeneration sector COGEN Europe 08 Jun 2018 Energy
COGEN Europe publishes the second issue of the European Cogeneration Review (ECR) focusing on the Netherlands COGEN Europe 08 Jan 2013 Energy
COGEN Europe Position Paper- Comments on the two European Commission proposals1 issued on July 2012 with regard to the 3rd phase of the Emissions Trading System (Directive 2003/87/EC) COGEN Europe 16 Oct 2012 Energy
COGEN EUROPE decries missed opportunity on "Energy Efficiency First" across Clean Energy Package COGEN Europe 22 Jun 2018 Energy
COGEN Europe calls on Member States to take bolder steps for micro-CHP in implementing the EU's new Energy Efficiency Directive COGEN Europe 28 Apr 2014 Energy
COGEN Europe Awards recognise innovation in EU CHP sector COGEN Europe 04 Apr 2014 Energy
COGEN Europe Annual Conference & Dinner 2014 COGEN Europe 27 Feb 2014 Energy
COGEN Europe acknowledges positive mention of Energy Efficiency and of cogeneration in particular in European Parliament draft report COGEN Europe 21 Oct 2013 Energy, Innovation & Enterprise
COGEN Europe (Poznan): An integrated energy policy is needed to deliver an integrated, low carbon, energy solution COGEN Europe 26 Nov 2008
Claude Turmes MEP accuses the Barroso Commission of a lack of balance in the energy measures of economic recovery plan COGEN Europe 11 Feb 2009
CHP industry could fill a third of Europe’s 2020 primary energy savings gap COGEN Europe 03 Mar 2011 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
CHP helps the chemical sector to lower energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions COGEN Europe 07 Mar 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy
A low-carbon economy in 2050 needs a more ambitious CHP policy today COGEN Europe 07 Dec 2011 Energy
27 country reports: Energy efficiency policy profiles of every EU Member State COGEN Europe 27 Mar 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
"A Heat Action for 2030 and beyond" COGEN Europe 28 Jun 2013 Energy, Sustainable Dev.
Support to cogeneration rewarded at annual awards dinner COGEN Europe 07 Jun 2010 Energy
Experts discuss the central role cogeneration has to play in shaping EU energy policy COGEN Europe 24 Mar 2011 Energy



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