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Press Releases of this organisation

Vote in the ITRE Committee on the draft Energy Efficiency Directive COM (2011) 370 COGEN Europe 29 Feb 2012 Energy
UK policy environment becoming more favourable for cogeneration COGEN Europe 23 Nov 2012 Energy, UK in Europe
The worsening legislative environment for CHPs in Spain runs counter to the European objectives COGEN Europe 12 Dec 2012 Energy, Trade & Society
The power of hydrogen: Europe’s innovation winners COGEN Europe 22 Nov 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
The multiple benefits of micro-cogeneration technologies receive further recognition at European level COGEN Europe 12 Sep 2013 Energy, EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise
The industrialised countries need to roll up their sleeves to break the impasse in Bonn on climate talks COGEN Europe 17 Aug 2009
Study highlights sound primary energy factor approach needed to inform consumers on the real efficiency of heaters COGEN Europe 15 May 2018 Energy, Health & Consumers
Snapshot Survey reveals ongoing uncertainty tempered by some progress for CHP in Europe COGEN Europe 27 Feb 2014 Energy
Significant role for cogeneration in future energy choices for Europe COGEN Europe 05 Jul 2011 Energy
Significant potential of cogeneration in Europe must be exploited COGEN Europe 24 Oct 2011 Energy
Report hails the role of cogeneration combined with renewables COGEN Europe 27 May 2011 Energy
Promoting innovative cogeneration in cities COGEN Europe 09 Mar 2010 Energy
Preliminary comments on Commission Communication “Renewable Energy: a major player in the European energy market” COGEN Europe 14 Jun 2012 Energy
Position paper on priority of access and priority of dispatch COGEN Europe 26 Sep 2011 Energy
Parliamentary debate highlights the benefits that industrial CHP can bring to the EU economy COGEN Europe 18 Dec 2012 Innovation & Enterprise, Social Europe & Jobs
New report highlights substantial benefits of cogeneration to European economy COGEN Europe 28 Nov 2012 Trade & Society, Sustainable Dev., Energy
New IEA report says policy makers should invest in CHP to achieve climate change targets COGEN Europe 24 Apr 2009
New European Energy Efficiency Plan aims to drive cogeneration forward in the period up to 2020 COGEN Europe 18 Mar 2011 Energy
New Europe-wide initiative to exploit the existing cogeneration potential: CODE2 COGEN Europe 18 Jul 2012 Energy
New Europe-wide initiative to exploit the existing cogeneration potential: CODE2 COGEN Europe 19 Sep 2012 Energy
LEADING SCIENTISTS PROPOSE SMARTER LOW CARBON FUTURE COGEN Europe 02 Mar 2010 Climate & Environment, Energy, Sustainable Dev.
Leading Germany CHP policy approach highlighted in Brussels on 21-22 April COGEN Europe 09 Apr 2009
Jorgen Henningsen will question whether ETS will be successful in CO2 reduction COGEN Europe 21 Apr 2009
Joint Statement - Energy Roadmap 2050: Neither Hot nor Cool COGEN Europe 07 Mar 2012 Energy
IPCC confirms role of CHP in long-term CO₂ reduction COGEN Europe 22 Apr 2014 Energy
Industry report urges Government to back micro-CHP as part of energy future COGEN Europe 14 Nov 2011 Climate & Environment, Energy
Industrial CHP supports Europe’s industry in the economic crisis COGEN Europe 28 Feb 2013 Energy, Trade & Society
Industrial CHP saves Europe 15 million Toe of fuel imports annually COGEN Europe 18 Dec 2012 Energy, EU Priorities 2020, Trade & Society
Industrial CHP is key in reaching Irish climate and energy targets COGEN Europe 06 Jun 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, Trade & Society



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