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Happy Europe’s Day with European Standards - European standardization & the EU Single Market CEN-CENELEC 09 May 2018 Global Europe
Standard in the spotlight: CEN publishes two Technical Reports on Electronic Signature CEN-CENELEC 17 May 2018 InfoSociety
Happy European Patients’ Rights Day thanks to standardization CEN-CENELEC 23 May 2018 Health & Consumers
European Week Against Cancer (EWAC) – The contribution of Standardization to pre-analytical procedures for in vitro diagnostics CEN-CENELEC 01 Jun 2018 Health & Consumers
The contribution of CEN-CENELEC to the European Energy policy shaping and implementation CEN-CENELEC 04 Jun 2018 Energy
The future of transport driven by standards CEN-CENELEC 05 Jun 2018 Transport
The role of standardization in Horizon Europe - the European Commission’s newly proposed Framework Programme for Research and Innovation CEN-CENELEC 07 Jun 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
Standardization complements the European Union’s Ecodesign Regulation towards a European Circular Economy – A view from Richard Hughes, Chairman of CEN/CLC/JTC 10 CEN-CENELEC 08 Jun 2018 Energy
Joint CEN/TC 312 ‘ Thermal solar systems and components’ and Solar Heat Europe/ESTIF workshop on Next generation of CEN/TC 321 ‘Solar Thermal’ standards CEN-CENELEC 08 Jun 2018 Energy
The standardization work evolution for the European Energy Market until today: CENELEC TC 57 achievements CEN-CENELEC 08 Jun 2018 Energy
“A Europe that protects” – security through standards CEN-CENELEC 28 Jun 2018 Security
Enjoying Water Leisure Safely – Standards and the EU Recreational Craft Directive CEN-CENELEC 19 Jul 2018 Global Europe


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