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Cefic’s statement on the publication of the Commission’s strategy for a Circular Economy CEFIC 04 Dec 2015 EU Priorities 2020, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Cefic announces new Director General, Marco Mensink CEFIC 08 Jan 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
SPiCE3 energy efficiency project gets green light for phase 2 CEFIC 13 Jan 2016 Energy, Innovation & Enterprise
Chemicals output followed a flat trajectory: trade surplus up by €1.7 bn CEFIC 20 Jan 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Science & Policymaking, Social Europe & Jobs
European innovation pathway critical following Paris climate agreement CEFIC 07 Mar 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
The real story behind carbon leakage and the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) CEFIC 16 Mar 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment, Competition
Using Mixtures Safely: Cefic and VCI Collaborate on Chemical Safety Guide CEFIC 21 Mar 2016 Health & Consumers, Science & Policymaking
EU chemical industry points to missed opportunities in Waste Framework Directive CEFIC 23 Mar 2016 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment, Trade & Society
Cefic LRI launches new chemical safety prediction software CEFIC 03 May 2016 InfoSociety, Innovation & Enterprise
Cefic welcomes EU proposals to harmonise rules protecting workers CEFIC 13 May 2016 Health & Consumers, Social Europe & Jobs
Data is the solution: EU chemical industry offers data to Commission to support ETS reform CEFIC 08 Jun 2016 InfoSociety, Sustainable Dev.
Energy efficiency debate underlines new market opportunities for EU chemical industry CEFIC 23 Jun 2016 Energy, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Cefic statement on impact of Brexit on the chemical industry CEFIC 24 Jun 2016 UK in Europe, Trade & Society
New Commission study shows high regulatory costs for EU chemical industry CEFIC 14 Jul 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
EU chemicals industry continues to experience flat production growth CEFIC 18 Jul 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
Chemical industry key enabler for future EU transport sector CEFIC 20 Jul 2016 Sustainable Dev., Transport, Climate & Environment
Cefic boosts communications with appointment of industry native CEFIC 24 Aug 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
Cefic welcomes Commission study on benefits of EU chemical legislation CEFIC 31 Aug 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Science & Policymaking
Cefic joins industry call in support of an ambitious TTIP outcome CEFIC 05 Sep 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Cefic responds to Juncker State of the European Union speech, asks for compelling vision for industry CEFIC 14 Sep 2016 EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise
Dead or alive? European business will keep fighting for TTIP CEFIC 19 Sep 2016 Global Europe, Innovation & Enterprise
Cefic appoints new Public Affairs Director, Cristiana Gaburri CEFIC 20 Sep 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
Guidance critical to avoid uncertainty, says Cefic: REACH deadline in sight CEFIC 22 Sep 2016 Science & Policymaking
No more status quo on climate goals: Cefic reacts to EU Emissions Trading System reform debate CEFIC 29 Sep 2016 Sustainable Dev., Transport
Cefic steps up cooperation against chemicals weapons discrepancies CEFIC 04 Oct 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Justice & Home Affairs
Sign off on CETA: Cefic supports conclusion of trade deal CEFIC 26 Oct 2016 Global Europe, Trade & Society
US elections - European chemical industry reacts CEFIC 10 Nov 2016 Global Europe, Trade & Society
EU Court rulings reduce confidentiality safeguards for chemical companies CEFIC 23 Nov 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
EU chemical industry reacts to Winter Package: Markets, not targets will drive change CEFIC 30 Nov 2016 Climate & Environment
Cefic supports transparency measures: Commission and ECHA sign deal to set up EU observatory on nanomaterials CEFIC 07 Dec 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment