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Caritas Europa

Press Releases of this organisation

Meet the forthcoming EU Presidencies: The Czech Republic Caritas Europa 22 Dec 2008 Social Europe & Jobs, EU Priorities 2020
Member States hampering family reunification are in breach with EU law Caritas Europa 18 Dec 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Justice & Home Affairs, Social Europe & Jobs
Migrants have rights too: The European Council must live up to the EU’s role as champion of human rights Caritas Europa 07 Dec 2012 Social Europe & Jobs
Migration laws must respect rights of migrants and refugees Caritas Europa 29 May 2012 Justice & Home Affairs
Millennium Development Goals: Will the EU meet its commitments? Caritas Europa 06 May 2010 Social Europe & Jobs
New Report on Food Security: How the EU can champion the fight against world hunger Caritas Europa 15 Apr 2014 Social Europe & Jobs
New Report: EU failing its own Treaty with incoherent actions towards developing countries Caritas Europa 20 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Social Europe & Jobs
New Statistics: Poverty Increasing in Europe. Caritas Europa Deeply Concerned Caritas Europa 10 Feb 2012 Global Europe
Numbers on the table, but where is the money coming from? Caritas Europa 02 Nov 2009 Social Europe & Jobs
On Free Humanity from Hunger and How to ensure the Right to Food in the post 2015 development framework: THE RIGHT TO FOOD SHOULD BE THE FOUNDATION OF THE POST 2015 DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK Caritas Europa 23 Oct 2012 Social Europe & Jobs, Agriculture & Food
Poverty and inequality is a threat to both people and democracy! Caritas Europa 22 May 2014 Social Europe & Jobs
POVERTY IS A SCANDAL: Launch of Caritas Europa's zero poverty campaign Caritas Europa 28 Jan 2010 Social Europe & Jobs
Press Release - Caritas at European Development Days Caritas Europa 06 Dec 2010 Agriculture & Food, Social Europe & Jobs
Protect People in Need while Protecting National Borders Caritas Europa 09 Oct 2013 Justice & Home Affairs, Social Europe & Jobs
Respect for Human Rights Must Be on Top of FRONTEX's Agenda Caritas Europa 19 Sep 2012 Social Europe & Jobs
Thank you MEPs for supporting the people of Ukraine Caritas Europa 28 Feb 2014 Europe's East, Global Europe
The 2014-2020 EU-budget must include right steps and fundings to reach poverty goal of Europe 2020 strategy Caritas Europa 21 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Social Europe & Jobs
The Beyond 2015 Framework must include Poverty, Food Security and Participation Caritas Europa 08 Feb 2013 Agriculture & Food, Social Europe & Jobs, Sustainable Dev.
The Common Agriculture Policy is not a only about Europeans Caritas Europa 19 Nov 2010 Social Europe & Jobs, Agriculture & Food
The EU Eastern Partnership’s programme must deliver more on migration Caritas Europa 28 Nov 2012 Justice & Home Affairs, Regional Policy, Social Europe & Jobs
The EU must guarantee the Right to Food in the Post-2015 development framework, says Caritas Europa Caritas Europa 17 Oct 2012 Social Europe & Jobs
The European Commission proposal on the European Year of Citizens 2013 lacks focus on the poor and socially excluded Caritas Europa 10 Jan 2013 Social Europe & Jobs
The future of the Welfare State is a key issue for the European Union, says Caritas Europa Caritas Europa 05 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Social Europe & Jobs
The human cost of austerity: Poor people paying for a crisis they did not cause Caritas Europa 27 Mar 2014 Social Europe & Jobs
The Right to Family Life: Caritas Europa calls for a better implementation of the EU Directive on family reunification Caritas Europa 16 Mar 2012 Justice & Home Affairs, Social Europe & Jobs
Towards the French Presidency of the European Union Caritas Europa 24 Apr 2008 EU Priorities 2020
UN Special Rapporteur to Caritas Europa: "Governments must keep their promises on the Right to Food" Caritas Europa 21 Sep 2012 Social Europe & Jobs
Will development aid work after the Accra High-Level Forum? Caritas Europa 05 Sep 2008 Social Europe & Jobs
Winter Emergency response activities shape up in Eastern and South Eastern Europe Caritas Europa 28 Feb 2012 Europe's East