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BirdLife International

Company Description

BirdLife International is a global Partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. BirdLife Partners operate in over one hundred countries and territories worldwide.

Press Releases of this organisation

5 out of 10 points for Swedish EU Presidency: BirdLife's green hopes only partly fulfilled BirdLife International 05 Jan 2010 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
CAP reform – Can the Czechs make it happen? BirdLife International 18 Dec 2008 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
Studies cast further doubt on sustainability of bioenergy BirdLife International 25 Jun 2010 Climate & Environment, Energy, Transport
A real European union emerges to back nature BirdLife International 16 Dec 2015 Climate & Environment
Biodiversity on the Brink - BirdLife’s photo exhibition to launch the International Year of Biodiversity BirdLife International 26 Jan 2010 Sustainable Dev., Health & Consumers
Biodiversity: do we have the courage to save it? (Embargo: 22 May 2010) BirdLife International 21 May 2010 Sustainable Dev., Health & Consumers, Climate & Environment
BirdLife International announces more Critically Endangered birds than ever before BirdLife International 14 May 2009 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
BirdLife International appalled by new act of violence against conservationist in Malta BirdLife International 15 Apr 2009 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020, Health & Consumers
BirdLife International celebrates the World Wetlands Day: an answer to climate change BirdLife International 02 Feb 2010 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
BirdLife International European Division BirdLife International 30 Jul 2009 Climate & Environment, Health & Consumers
BirdLife International strongly condemns the opening of the new spring hunting season in Malta BirdLife International 12 Apr 2010 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
BirdLife International's reaction on the European Commission's communication: Options for a EU vision and target for biodiversity beyond 2010 BirdLife International 20 Jan 2010 Health & Consumers
BirdLife welcomes ECJ decision on spring hunting in Malta BirdLife International 10 Sep 2009 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
BirdLife’s case for the role of ecosystems in climate change adaptation BirdLife International 11 Dec 2009 Health & Consumers, Languages & Culture, Sustainable Dev.
CAP simplification - smoke screen for law breaking and waste of public money? BirdLife International 17 Aug 2009 Agriculture & Food, Health & Consumers
Civil Society reminds MEPs to stay in touch BirdLife International 05 Oct 2009 Climate & Environment, Health & Consumers
COP-out at Copenhagen BirdLife International 05 Jan 2010 Sustainable Dev., Health & Consumers
Could do Better! Why EU Rural Development Policy is failing to reach its biodiversity potential New study reveals poor implementation undermining a biodiversity friendly policy BirdLife International 07 May 2009 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
Court of Auditors removes the fig leaf from CAP subsidies BirdLife International 09 Dec 2008 Health & Consumers
Dead animals back on the menu for vultures BirdLife International 24 Apr 2009 Health & Consumers
Discover Natura 2000’s hidden gems with the EU Commissioners BirdLife International 12 Feb 2010 Sustainable Dev., Health & Consumers
EU Common Agricultural Policy still not supporting sustainable farming BirdLife International 07 Jul 2010 Sustainable Dev., Agriculture & Food
EU Court condemns Bulgarian Government for failing nature BirdLife International 14 Jan 2016 Climate & Environment, Justice & Home Affairs
EU must avoid counterproductive “rush to produce” and focus on long term sustainability of its food system BirdLife International 17 Apr 2009 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
EU poisoning Poznan climate talks BirdLife International 04 Dec 2008 Climate & Environment, Health & Consumers
EU protected areas starved of cash BirdLife International 13 Nov 2009 Health & Consumers, Sustainable Dev.
European Parliament Votes for Nature BirdLife International 02 Feb 2016 Science & Policymaking, Climate & Environment
Europe’s farmland birds continue to suffer from agricultural policy BirdLife International 02 Dec 2008 Climate & Environment
Five challenging keys for Sweden to unlock Europe’s environmental problems BirdLife International 01 Jul 2009 Sustainable Dev.
Green Paper last chance for green fisheries BirdLife International 22 Apr 2009 Health & Consumers, Climate & Environment