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BirdLife Europe

Company Description

BirdLife Europe is a Partnership of 48 national conservation organisations and a leader in bird conservation. Our unique local to global approach enables us to deliver high impact and long term conservation for the benefit of nature and people.

BirdLife Europe is one of the six regional Secretariats that compose BirdLife International. Based in Brussels, it supports the European and Central Asian Partnership and is present in47 countries including all EU Member States.

With more than 4.100 staff in Europe, 2 million members and tens of thousands of skilled volunteers, BirdLife Europe, together with its national Partners owns or manages more than6,000 nature sites totalling 320 000 hectares.

In Brussels, the BirdLife Europe team works mainly on EU policy issues and aims at improving EU legislation relating to the environment and biodiversity.

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Press Releases of this organisation

The Black Book of Bioenergy unmasks the culprits behind the carbon con of EU bioenergy BirdLife Europe 22 Nov 2016 Energy
New study explores possibilities for a better CAP BirdLife Europe 07 Nov 2016 Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
Business as usual – Juncker snubs environment and protects broken CAP BirdLife Europe 27 Oct 2016 Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
Business as usual – Juncker snubs environment and protects broken CAP BirdLife Europe 26 Oct 2016 Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
People across Globe Tell European Union: New Bioenergy Policies Must Protect Climate, Crops, Forests BirdLife Europe 20 Oct 2016 Energy, Climate & Environment
Will the Commission listen to stakeholders’ call for a “fitness check” of CAP? BirdLife Europe 21 Sep 2016 Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
NEOBIOTA board urges the EU to increase the number of species included in its Invasive Alien Species (IAS) list BirdLife Europe 15 Sep 2016 Climate & Environment
Tweaking Rural Development policy will not deliver for environment and countryside – full CAP overhaul needed BirdLife Europe 07 Sep 2016 Agriculture & Food, Development Policy, Climate & Environment
European Commission climate proposals stop one unsustainable use of land but allows another BirdLife Europe 20 Jul 2016 Climate & Environment
European Commission takes timid first step towards tackling invasive alien species BirdLife Europe 13 Jul 2016 Climate & Environment
European Commission launches infringement case against Polish government for logging in Białowieża Forest BirdLife Europe 16 Jun 2016 Climate & Environment
Dutch Presidency cancels high profile nature conference due to delays from Commission on Nature Directives “fitness check” BirdLife Europe 08 Jun 2016 Climate & Environment
New study confirms EU Nature Laws’ effectiveness BirdLife Europe 18 May 2016 Climate & Environment
NGOs urge the European Commission to change unsustainable bioenergy policy BirdLife Europe 10 May 2016 Energy, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Veterinary drug could cause major drop in vulture numbers in Spain, new study confirms BirdLife Europe 25 Apr 2016 Climate & Environment
Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture is achievable with good data BirdLife Europe 20 Apr 2016 Agriculture & Food, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
EU nature laws need implementation, not overhaul: NGO report BirdLife Europe 13 Apr 2016 Climate & Environment
NGOs demand “Fitness check” of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) BirdLife Europe 22 Mar 2016 Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
“Baltic Plan” gives hope to seabirds but fails to end overfishing BirdLife Europe 17 Mar 2016 Agriculture & Food, Climate & Environment
EU admits failing own targets on protecting nature BirdLife Europe 02 Oct 2015 Climate & Environment