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New report reveals the ideal accounting practices for governments to deliver transparency for their citizens ACCA Global 26 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA’s chief executive signs global call to action statement in response to climate change ACCA Global 25 Feb 2020 InfoSociety, Climate & Environment
Rise above your inner critic, says ACCA for International Women’s Day 2020 ACCA Global 20 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA and IMA publish report highlighting long-term global economic issues ACCA Global 19 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
AI decoded – accountants and policy makers can benefit from ongoing work to make AI easier to interrogate ACCA Global 13 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA comments on Sir Donald Brydon Future of Audit report ACCA Global 05 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
Accountancy and international experts tackle self-employment challenges faced today in Europe ACCA Global 31 Jan 2020 InfoSociety
Anti-Money Laundering in the Digital Era: Building trust and ethics in AI to combat fraud and economic crimes ACCA Global 24 Jan 2020 Euro & Finance
Global economic confidence bounces back in Q4 completing a volatile year ACCA Global 21 Jan 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA’s Chief Executive joins CSR Europe’s Call to Action for a Sustainable Europe by 2030 ACCA Global 04 Dec 2019 InfoSociety
ACCA and SOEL launch new CertIFR in Greek language ACCA Global 12 Nov 2019 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
ACCA forges the path for social and environmental value creation and calls for collective action by business, finance professionals and society. ACCA Global 23 Sep 2019 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
Public sector finance professionals seek a more radical future, finds global research – but challenges lie ahead ACCA Global 16 Sep 2019 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
ACCA responds to Brydon’s Independent Review into the quality and effectiveness of audit ACCA Global 11 Jun 2019 InfoSociety
Finance professionals must be aware of cyber risks, not just IT departments ACCA Global 04 Jun 2019 Security
No ‘quick fix’ available for effective risk management in organisations, says ACCA ACCA Global 14 May 2019 InfoSociety
New research reveals 55% of public worldwide believe auditors ‘could prevent company failures’ ACCA Global 10 May 2019 Euro & Finance
ACCA and DFK International renew Memorandum of Understanding ACCA Global 07 May 2019 InfoSociety
Global economic confidence bounces in Q1 but still points to economic slowdown ACCA Global 02 May 2019 Euro & Finance
Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize - the competition is now open ACCA Global 26 Apr 2019 Euro & Finance
Pass rates announced for ACCA’s first exam sitting for 2019 ACCA Global 15 Apr 2019 Euro & Finance
Machine learning will become a reality in the near future ACCA Global 10 Apr 2019 InfoSociety
ACCA welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence’s Guidelines for Trustworthy AI ACCA Global 08 Apr 2019 InfoSociety
ACCA’s focus on the ‘big themes’ affecting the accountancy profession ACCA Global 25 Mar 2019 InfoSociety
Closing the accounting for intangibles gap - ACCA and Deloitte report looks at what drives value in modern business ACCA Global 19 Mar 2019 Euro & Finance
The UK economy needs a confidence boost, says ACCA ACCA Global 13 Mar 2019 Euro & Finance, UK in Europe
Sole trader, partnership, LLC or co-operative? Setting-up in business needs an informed conversation about the legal form the business needs to take, says ACCA ACCA Global 12 Mar 2019 Public Affairs
Experts discuss tax as a force for good: rebalancing our tax systems to support a global economy fit for the future ACCA Global 01 Mar 2019 Euro & Finance
‘Balance for better’, says ACCA ACCA Global 28 Feb 2019 InfoSociety
Financial sustainability leads the agenda at ACCA’s ninth International Public Sector Conference ACCA Global 28 Feb 2019 Euro & Finance