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ACCA’s Chief Executive joins CSR Europe’s Call to Action for a Sustainable Europe by 2030 ACCA Global 04 Dec 2019 InfoSociety
ACCA’s chief executive signs global call to action statement in response to climate change ACCA Global 25 Feb 2020 InfoSociety, Climate & Environment
ACCA’s eighth virtual conference sees record online turnout ACCA Global 20 Dec 2017 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, InfoSociety, UK in Europe
ACCA’s enhanced Ethics and Professional Skills module now live ACCA Global 07 Nov 2017 Euro & Finance
ACCA’s focus on the ‘big themes’ affecting the accountancy profession ACCA Global 25 Mar 2019 InfoSociety
ACCA’s future members have new online resource myACCA ACCA Global 28 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
ACCA’s integrated master’s programme with the University of London changing lives across the globe ACCA Global 21 Jun 2017 Social Europe & Jobs, Education
ACCA’s response to CDP, CDSB, GRI, IIRC and SASB’s statement of intent to work together towards comprehensive corporate reporting ACCA Global 11 Sep 2020 InfoSociety
Accountancy and finance profession viewed as being ‘broadly inclusive’, but more needs to be done, finds global research ACCA Global 20 Jan 2021 Social Europe & Jobs
Accountancy and international experts tackle self-employment challenges faced today in Europe ACCA Global 31 Jan 2020 InfoSociety
Accountancy bodies calls for informed debate on EU Reform ACCA Global 11 Feb 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Society
Accountancy profession will continue to lose credibility if it fails to demonstrate value to public ACCA Global 05 Sep 2012 Euro & Finance
Accountants and sustainability – Helen Brand, chief executive of ACCA, comments on the new International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC) ACCA Global 27 Aug 2010
Accountants are key to implementing Integrated Reporting, says new report from ACCA and IMA ACCA Global 21 Jan 2016 Innovation & Enterprise
Accountants have key role to play in fight against climate change, says ACCA ACCA Global 05 Dec 2011 Climate & Environment
Accountants read signs of financial stress, stalling growth in latest SME Finance Monitor data ACCA Global 09 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
Accountants welcome the EU move towards improving the fight against fraud and tax evasion ACCA Global 27 Jun 2012 Euro & Finance
Accountants ‘deeply concerned’ about building back better and social and environmental impacts ACCA Global 13 Oct 2020 InfoSociety
Accountants: ‘Smart regulators must be able to tell regulatory burdens from regulatory capital’ ACCA Global 25 Nov 2011 Euro & Finance
Accounting for carbon in the EU-ETS: hot air or real value? ACCA Global 14 Feb 2011 Energy
Accounting for human capital ACCA Global 05 May 2020 InfoSociety
Agreement signed between ACCA and Alibaba Cloud ACCA Global 08 Nov 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
AI decoded – accountants and policy makers can benefit from ongoing work to make AI easier to interrogate ACCA Global 13 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
Aligning Corporate Governance and culture: What’s in it for the board? ACCA Global 14 Nov 2016 Euro & Finance
Ambitions and objectives of UN sustainable development agreement subject to wide interpretations from stakeholders around the world, finds ACCA ACCA Global 04 Jul 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Ambitious ‘generation next’ finance professionals intend to go solo, finds global survey ACCA Global 22 Nov 2016 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs
Anti-Money Laundering in the Digital Era: Building trust and ethics in AI to combat fraud and economic crimes ACCA Global 24 Jan 2020 Euro & Finance
Application of capitals to Integrated Reporting <IR> explored in new background paper ACCA Global 04 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Sustainable Dev.
Appropriate risk management is crucial for effective strategic leadership, says ACCA ACCA Global 07 Mar 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
ASEAN Economic Community – what can it learn from the European Union? ACCA Global 25 Mar 2016 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, Science & Policymaking



Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
Researcher positions in Communication Network Division – Mobile networks department
International Catholic Migration Commission
Senior Rural Integration Project Manager
Progresso APM Consulting
Full Time Secretary
The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities
Project Development Officer
The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities
Knowledge and E-learning Officer
ALDE - Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Engagement Trainee