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Social Mobility – how can we increase opportunities through training and education? ACCA Global 11 Jun 2018 Social Europe & Jobs, Education
Sole trader, partnership, LLC or co-operative? Setting-up in business needs an informed conversation about the legal form the business needs to take, says ACCA ACCA Global 12 Mar 2019 Public Affairs
Strong CBE pass rates in ACCA’s first exam session for 2018 ACCA Global 16 Apr 2018 Innovation & Enterprise
Strong results issued for June 2017 ACCA exam sitting ACCA Global 17 Jul 2017 Euro & Finance, Education
Sustainability reporting in danger of losing its momentum says ACCA and CDSB in new report ACCA Global 12 May 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Sustainability, Boards and Investment: What’s next for Corporate Governance? ACCA Global 05 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
Take an ACCA Advantage of the UK’s largest online accounting finance careers event ACCA Global 31 Aug 2015 Social Europe & Jobs
Taking Stock of Public Private Partnerships and Concessions in Europe: Are they value for money? ACCA Global 09 Mar 2012 Euro & Finance
Talent management in the shared services world ‘ineffective’, finds ACCA ACCA Global 04 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance
Tax as a force for good: rebalancing our tax systems to support a global economy fit for the future ACCA Global 14 Jan 2019 Euro & Finance
Tax authorities must recognise the risks in implementing digital tax collection tools ACCA Global 13 Dec 2018 Euro & Finance
Tax self-assessment could be the new norm for many high earning families receiving Child Benefit, says ACCA ACCA Global 29 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs
Tax system should not be used to regulate banks, warns ACCA ACCA Global 24 Jan 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Tax transparency, complexity, inequality and corruption are the biggest concerns for the public in G20 countries, finds new survey ACCA Global 24 Jan 2019 Euro & Finance
Taxation of the Digital Economy: go for the International path first, says ACCA ACCA Global 22 Sep 2017 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
Technology and values are essential to future business model innovation, says ACCA ACCA Global 16 Aug 2018 Public Affairs
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Reshaping the Global Value Chain ACCA Global 01 Feb 2018 Global Europe, Transport
The Economic governance challenge in the EU: striking the right balance between discipline, accountability, growth and solidarity ACCA Global 20 Feb 2012 Euro & Finance
The economic governance challenge in the EU: striking the right balance between discipline, accountability, growth and solidarity ACCA Global 02 Apr 2012 Euro & Finance
The EU must place a greater emphasis on effective public financial management for the benefit of its citizens ACCA Global 08 Apr 2014 Innovation & Enterprise
The five tenets of good corporate governance ACCA Global 09 May 2018 Innovation & Enterprise, Public Affairs
The future direction of improved auditor reporting – investors’ voices need to be heard, says ACCA ACCA Global 26 Jun 2012 Euro & Finance
The Future of Audit ACCA Global 12 Oct 2016 Euro & Finance
The future of audit policy: what is the most effective way to enhance its value and restore society’s confidence? ACCA Global 08 Dec 2011 Euro & Finance
The global economy grew substantially in the first quarter of 2012, reveals global survey of accountants ACCA Global 02 May 2012 Euro & Finance
The Impact of Brexit on the Financial Services Industry ACCA Global 30 Oct 2017 Euro & Finance, UK in Europe
The impact of Digital and Artificial Intelligence on audit and finance professionals ACCA Global 01 Feb 2019 Euro & Finance
The impact of Digital and Artificial Intelligence on audit and finance professionals: harnessing the opportunities of disruptive technologies ACCA Global 13 Dec 2018 Euro & Finance
The New Accounting Directive: A harmonised European Accounting Framework? ACCA Global 20 Jun 2016 Euro & Finance
The new EU Action Plan to strengthen the fight against tax fraud and tax evasion is a welcome and bold step, says ACCA ACCA Global 07 Dec 2012 Euro & Finance



Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership
Junior Analyst (×2)
European Passengers' Federation
Project & Policy officer
The European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI)
Assistant Position Part-time
Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)
European Aluminium
Innovation Project Officer
Women Political Leaders (WPL)
Policy and Research Assistant