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Proposed international auditing standard will boost the quality of corporate reporting ACCA Global 19 Mar 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
Protecting the public interest is crucial to the development of global accountancy profession, says ACCA ACCA Global 19 Aug 2016 Euro & Finance, Global Europe
PSA: it’s still important to file your tax self-assessment ACCA Global 21 Dec 2016 Euro & Finance
Public sector an inclusive route into finance, global figures in ACCA study reveal ACCA Global 05 Dec 2018 Euro & Finance
Public sector finance professionals seek a more radical future, finds global research – but challenges lie ahead ACCA Global 16 Sep 2019 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety
Public sector finances will play a critical role both in economic recovery and preventing future crises, says senior member of ACCA’s Global Forum ACCA Global 10 Jun 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Public sector finances – adding value in tough times? ACCA Global 03 Jan 2012 Euro & Finance
Public sector’s future can be sustainable, says global accountancy body ACCA Global 06 Dec 2010 Euro & Finance, Sustainable Dev.
Q2 2013 was a decisive turning point for the global economy, according to Global Economic Conditions Survey from ACCA and IMA ACCA Global 01 Aug 2013 Euro & Finance
Rapid rise of peer-to-peer finance in China hold lessons for the world, says ACCA report ACCA Global 10 Dec 2015 Trade & Society
Recognition is more important than pay, new ACCA report finds ACCA Global 16 Dec 2015 Innovation & Enterprise, Social Europe & Jobs
Record number of students complete ACCA exams ACCA Global 11 Feb 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Record number of students complete ACCA exams ACCA Global 13 Aug 2012 Euro & Finance
Record numbers take ACCA exams ACCA Global 24 Feb 2011
Reform of audit: No status quo but more transparency, quality and independence ACCA Global 28 Sep 2012 Euro & Finance
Register now for the new Strategic Professional exams with ACCA ACCA Global 06 Feb 2018 Education
Reporting to investors on natural capital is vital to demonstrate management of, and impact on, scarce resources ACCA Global 11 Jun 2014 Euro & Finance
Research reveals Indian businesses need to address skills gaps in their finance function to compete globally ACCA Global 23 Mar 2016 Euro & Finance, Competition
Restarting the SME credit market in Europe: what role for securitisation and the capital markets? ACCA Global 11 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
Restoration of trust in UK business must start from the top, ACCA says ACCA Global 07 Oct 2013 Euro & Finance, UK in Europe
Rethinking the value of audit: towards better governance and better adaptation to the markets and the needs of business ACCA Global 23 Nov 2010 Euro & Finance
Revised SBA: stronger governance needed for the uptake of SME friendlier set of actions ACCA Global 23 Feb 2011 Euro & Finance, EU Priorities 2020
Rise above your inner critic, says ACCA for International Women’s Day 2020 ACCA Global 20 Feb 2020 InfoSociety
Rise of the robots is the advent of accounting ACCA Global 06 Dec 2016 Euro & Finance
Risks and opportunities of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers ACCA Global 16 Mar 2017 Euro & Finance
Risks and opportunities of Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers Technologies (BDLTs) ACCA Global 27 Apr 2017 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
Scale-Ups: converting vision into strategy and governance ACCA Global 23 Oct 2018 Euro & Finance
Self-financing, following their dreams and driving economies – research reveals the world of high growth SMEs ACCA Global 13 Jul 2012 Euro & Finance
Self-interest not regulation needs to drive cybersecurity, says new ACCA report ACCA Global 09 Feb 2016 Euro & Finance, InfoSociety, Security
Shadow banking: towards better identification, measurement and transparency? ACCA Global 05 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance



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