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New report from ACCA asks the world’s smallest businesses, “are you ready for growth? ACCA Global 31 Aug 2015 Euro & Finance
New report from ACCA calls on corporate world to lead the way in fight for children’s rights. ACCA Global 14 Sep 2015 Social Europe & Jobs, Justice & Home Affairs
New report from ACCA identifies massive talent challenges in global finance functions ACCA Global 04 Apr 2016 Euro & Finance
New report sets out the role of the finance function in fight to save Britain’s charities ACCA Global 19 Feb 2016 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs
New research reveals 48% of public believe auditors ‘could prevent company failures’ ACCA Global 19 Nov 2018 Euro & Finance
New research reveals 55% of public worldwide believe auditors ‘could prevent company failures’ ACCA Global 10 May 2019 Euro & Finance
New rules to improve shareholder engagement and corporate governance reporting ACCA Global 09 Apr 2014 Euro & Finance
New salary and career survey shows employers welcome the skills of ACCA accountants ACCA Global 04 Oct 2012 Euro & Finance
New transparency rules for big undertakings ACCA Global 20 Mar 2014 Euro & Finance
New VAT rules on telecommunication, broadcasting, and e-services: towards more fairness and competition for businesses across Europe, but also potentially higher prices for consumers ACCA Global 18 Dec 2014 Euro & Finance
Next government must work with professional bodies to internationalise trade ACCA Global 31 May 2017 Euro & Finance, UK in Europe, Trade & Society
Next steps for corporate governance: event discusses sustainability, boards and investment ACCA Global 30 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
No ‘quick fix’ available for effective risk management in organisations, says ACCA ACCA Global 14 May 2019 InfoSociety
Non-Financial Reporting: The impact on the relationship between Boards and Auditors ACCA Global 17 Mar 2016 Euro & Finance
North America and Africa lead the way in economic confidence despite trade wars spooking economic sentiment, finds ACCA and IMA economic survey ACCA Global 12 Jul 2018 Euro & Finance
One in two finance organisations admit failing to embrace robotics and risk becoming irrelevant ACCA Global 21 Sep 2018 Euro & Finance
Opportunity for a radical overhaul of the OECD corporate governance principles says ACCA ACCA Global 06 Jan 2015 Euro & Finance
Organisations face increasing operational challenges as a result of the domino effect of Covid-19 ACCA Global 24 Jun 2020 InfoSociety
Pakistan to welcome new MSc in Professional Accountancy ACCA Global 10 May 2016 Euro & Finance, Education
Parliament brings the audit reform to its final stages ACCA Global 03 Apr 2014 Euro & Finance
Pass rates announced for ACCA’s first exam sitting for 2019 ACCA Global 15 Apr 2019 Euro & Finance
Pass rates announced for ACCA’s March 2020 exam sitting ACCA Global 14 Apr 2020 InfoSociety
Pensions reform in the EU: Striking the right balance for the overall financial well-being of 21st century’s society ACCA Global 10 Nov 2010 Social Europe & Jobs, EU Priorities 2020
Policymakers must return to the principles of business law as they navigate Brexit ACCA Global 18 Apr 2017 Euro & Finance, UK in Europe
Preparing your company for change and disruption ACCA Global 18 Aug 2016 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
Prestigious academic award for ACCA’s small business expert ACCA Global 24 Jan 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
Preventive restructuring and second chance for entrepreneurs: what’s in it for SMEs? ACCA Global 06 Feb 2017 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
Preventive restructuring and second chance for entrepreneurs: what’s in it for SMEs? ACCA Global 02 Mar 2017 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
Private sector should be protecting the natural environment, say accountants in ACCA natural capital survey ACCA Global 19 Mar 2013 Agriculture & Food, Euro & Finance
Professional scepticism: inside the mind of the auditor ACCA Global 19 Oct 2017 Euro & Finance



REHVA - Federation of European Heating & Air Conditioning Associations
Project Communication and Promotion Officer
REHVA - Federation of European Heating & Air Conditioning Associations
Communication Marketing and Promotion Assistant - paid internship -
European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders
Project/policy Communication officer (4-5 days a week)
The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)
Community & Market Development Director
European Crop Protection Association
Government Affairs Manager
CEEP - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing public services
Public Affairs & Tenders intern