Press Releases of this organisation

ACCA welcomes new measures for the modernisation of the still too-fragmented single Market ACCA 28 Oct 2010 Health & Consumers, EU Priorities 2020
ACCA welcomes the European Commission’s response to the Panama papers scandals ACCA 06 Jul 2016 Euro & Finance, Justice & Home Affairs
From Basel III to alternative sources of funding: Assessing the impact of financial regulation on access to finance for SMEs ACCA 15 Feb 2012 Euro & Finance
Future of IFRS: what purpose(s) do we want annual accounts to serve? ACCA 15 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
"Taking Stock of Public Private Partnerships and Concessions in Europe: Are they value for money?" ACCA 08 Feb 2012 Euro & Finance
'Online learning programmes reach wider audiences and boosts financial literacy' says ACCA at UNCTAD 14 in Nairobi, Kenya ACCA 22 Aug 2016 Euro & Finance, Global Europe, Education
4 June, ”Non-financial information disclosure: towards a more sustainable and comparable corporate reporting regime?”co-hosted by MEPs Howitt and Baldassarre , EP Brussels, co-organised by ACCA, Aviva and Eurosif ACCA 07 May 2013 Competition, EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
A challenging work programme for the newly elected European Parliament ACCA 27 May 2014 EU Elections 2014, InfoSociety
A new collaborative report explores the preparedness of the accounting profession to respond to declining natural capital ACCA 09 Nov 2012 Euro & Finance
ACCA and EFAA Joint Position Statement ACCA 18 Feb 2010
ACCA and EFAA Joint Position Statement ACCA 05 Mar 2010
ACCA and IMA announce new global strategic initiative promoting Financial Leadership and Performance ACCA 24 Jun 2013 Euro & Finance, Public Affairs
ACCA and IMA Research Foundation Announce Special Joint Call for Research Proposals ACCA 13 Aug 2012 Euro & Finance
ACCA and Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) sign Strategic Partnership Agreement ACCA 16 Nov 2016 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces 2011 Simpson Scholarship winners ACCA 11 Jul 2011 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces 2012 Simpson Scholarship winners ACCA 25 Jul 2012 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces 2014 Simpson Scholarship winners ACCA 10 Jul 2014 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces Belt & Road research at Shanghai conference ACCA 17 Jul 2017 Euro & Finance
ACCA announces President's Debate - “Accounting for Public Goods: the Social and Natural Capital Imperatives” - 8 February 2017 ACCA 16 Jan 2017 Euro & Finance
ACCA appointed as a member of the EC VAT Expert Group ACCA 12 Oct 2016 Euro & Finance
ACCA calls for long-term financing solutions for sustainable economic growth ACCA 27 Mar 2014 Euro & Finance
ACCA calls for more long-term focus in planning and investment ACCA 27 Jun 2013 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
ACCA calls for new ‘future looking’ integrated reporting culture as joint reports launched with IIRC and IAAER ACCA 18 Aug 2016 Euro & Finance, Innovation & Enterprise
ACCA calls on G20 to drive reform of the global financial agenda ACCA 01 Jun 2010 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
ACCA celebrates International Women’s Day 2017 ACCA 08 Mar 2017 Euro & Finance, Social Europe & Jobs
ACCA celebrates Living Wage Week ACCA 07 Nov 2017 Social Europe & Jobs
ACCA celebrates reaching 200,000-plus global membership ACCA 07 Dec 2017 Euro & Finance
ACCA celebrates the Future CFO 2017 winner ACCA 24 Apr 2017 Euro & Finance
ACCA comments on latest Brexit developments ACCA 08 Dec 2017 UK in Europe
ACCA congratulates Oxford Brookes for its global online MBA ranking ACCA 03 Mar 2016 Education